the man on the Clapham omnibus

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the man/woman on the Clapham omnibus

an imaginary person whose opinions and behaviour are thought to be typical of ordinary British people (usually singular) The man on the Clapham omnibus probably knows nothing about Rwanda.
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2 long paragraphs seem to be missing from this omnibus here}
When he entered the omnibus, there seemed to Penelope, who found herself constantly watching him closely, a certain added gravity in his demeanor.
The yellow omnibus crawled up the northern roads for what seemed like hours on end; the great detective would not explain further, and perhaps his assistants felt a silent and growing doubt of his errand.
Crisparkle repaired, awaiting the arrival of a short, squat omnibus, with a disproportionate heap of luggage on the roof--like a little Elephant with infinitely too much Castle--which was then the daily service between Cloisterham and external mankind.
Miss Twinkleton estimated the distance to the omnibus at five-and-twenty minutes' walk, when it was really five.
On a west-bound omnibus Claire Fenwick sat and raged silently in the June sunshine.
Not if they were ever so," said Mrs Verloc, with the equanimity of a person untroubled by the problem of the distribution of wealth, and exploring the perspective of the roadway for an omnibus of the right colour.
Senate Appropriations chairwoman Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) and House Appropriations chairman Harold Rogers (R-KY) have directed their staffs to work on an omnibus package.
The other day I was reading that magazine that is supplied for free on the omnibus.
To help achieve compliance under the Omnibus Rule, Cintas offers these tips:
If the project is successful - People's Omnibus claims to try launching similar project for other countries as well.
Anybody looking for a detailed statistical compendium showing how many omnibus bills were introduced and passed in the Canadian Parliament and in provincial legislatures would search in vain.
The new Omnibus Model is tailored to the particular requirements of our large UK clearing member base.
July 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Global market research firm ORC International announces the addition of two new online samples to its suite of CARAVAN omnibus surveys.
The omnibus, featuring Albert Square faves such as Dot Cotton and Phil Mitchell, will now air late on Friday nights on BBC1 and run into the early hours.
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