You cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs

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You cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs.

Prov. In order to get something good or useful, you must give up something else. Jill: Why do they have to tear down that beautiful old building to build an office park? Jane: You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. Alan: We may make more money by raising our prices, but we'll also upset a lot of customers. Fred: You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs.
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The drought is a key issue in our region, so it's quickly become a personal issue for us at Omelet," said Sarah Ceglarski, Senior Director of Marketing at Omelet.
To serve, cut the omelet into wedges and top each portion with a quarter of the salmon and lemon cream, as well as a sprinkling of dill.
The Squish Silicone Microwave Omelet Maker makes scrumptious omelets in minutes.
Heat an 8-inch omelet pan or nonstick skillet over medium heat.
We have omelet night at our house every couple of weeks; it's always interesting and inexpensive.
There is no mistaking what you are about to get when you order The Enormous Omelet Sandwich.
Though one man's omelet is another's broken eggs and Hitler's new Rome was not "progressive" by too many standards, Gipe's work heroicizes the rhetoric of progress, a rhetoric that, in spite of its politics, has often made the idea of progress so appealing.
LA Agency Omelet in Collaboration With Eminem, Goliath Artists, Inc.
March 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Just ahead of spring, Dunkin' Donuts is turning up the heat with a new Spicy Omelet Breakfast Sandwich .
But at the tippy top of my list of favorites is the edible magic trick known as the souffled omelet.
The mix consists of Nigiri (rice balls filled with shrimp), crab sticks and sweet egg omelet); Mono Maki (rice rolls with seaweed, fish roe and marrow, or with fish roe and crab sticks); Futo Maid (big rice rolls featuring seaweed, fish roe, shrimp, mushrooms, marrow and sweet egg omelet); and California Roll (rice rolls filled with fish roe, shrimp, marinated radish, sweet egg omelet and seaweed).
Here, we go with the American cooking method but give you the choice of folding the omelet into thirds or in half, depending on what your fillings allow.
For omelet lovers, the kitchen whips up a good one stuffed with ground pork, onions and tomato ($5.
A savory veggie filling makes this omelet hearty enough for dinner.
LOS ANGELES -- Today Omelet, a hybrid advertising, entertainment, marketing agency that merges creativity, strategy and seamless execution, announced its role in the creation of an experience-based marketing and advertising campaign - The Ultimate Video Relay (www.