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BUSINESS WIRE)--July 8, 1998--Publishers Clearing House's newest TV campaign also has some oldness about it.
Rather, there is an oldness, a nostalgia for the past, displayed in contemporary design.
The factors such as technical problems and after selling services of productive machineries have no effect of company's financial bankruptcy while the factors such as oldness and depreciation of machineries lead to the financial bankruptcy.
The fire broke out in the gas pipeline due to a leakage, caused by its oldness and not any other reason," the police source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency, adding that the fire won't affect the activity of the electric power station in Hartha, supplied by the pipeline, Basra, the center of Basra Province, is 590 km to the south of Baghdad.
The reader of the poem has had a chance to internalize both this oldness and this largeness, tracing a route down to the origins of organic life and forward to the end of all things, down to the "abysmal" depths of the sea and up to its turbulent surface.
The portrayals have "New Oldness," or "Old Newness"--expressions that the activist collective Retort has used to characterize the mixtures of the sophisticated and the crude in contemporary politics.
Daniel Woolf asserts that the strong desire to claim the status of the oldest institution "is difficult to explain if one does not understand just how great a value was placed by contemporaries on oldness.
We wanted to take the oldness of the architecture and improve it for today.
And in Chapter 7, "History in the Brain, Thought in the Land," he argues that American writers also responded to his contention in other ways: Hawthorne "stretched" time (exaggerating the oldness of his historical materials); Cooper mythologized American history (turning ordinary historical events into "archetypal" ones); Whitman and Dickinson abolished history, reveling in a radical "futurism;" and Emerson developed the idea of "vertical time," the notion that, in the enlarged self, every moment contained all history.
The cases which is fortifier of spirit and staff interesting to work and workplace like job safety, life supply at present and oldness period and disabling and job satisfaction and some other points.
In one letter to Aline, Renoir writes "get used to my oldness and start saving money because I am uncertain how much more I will be able to earn".
Even as the old reliables demonstrated their, well, oldness, some energetic newcomers initiated their own series.
Drought stress in flowering and milk grain stages causes that leaves don't produce the more photosynthetic matters than normal irrigation, also plant for filling grains, transfers stored nutrition in leaves to grains, Therefore this process reduces leaves weight and causes leaves early oldness.
of steam heat and brothy foods and just, well, oldness.