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golden oldie

A form of entertainment, especially a song, that was very popular in the past and is still enjoyed by many people. I love listening to the golden oldies. It takes me back to a simpler time.
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golden oldie

1 an old song or film that is still well known and popular. 2 someone who is no longer young but is still successful in their field. informal
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oldie but goodie

n. something (or even someone) that is old but still likable. Mary is an oldie but goodie. I’m glad she’s still around.
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The landing of C 130 Hercules at Daulat Beg Oldie today is a very significant achievement for the Indian Air Force and it has a relevance for the larger Indian military profile.
The best way we oldies can influence Government policy is through the ballot box.
Previous Oldie of the Year Award winners include David Attenborough (2005), Ranulph Fiennes (2004), Eric Sykes (2002), John Mortimer (2001) and Spike Milligan (1994).
Golden Oldie Kaiser (543) is not just a golden oldie but one of our long-term residents.
Michael Buerk is 7-4 favourite with Ladbrokes to be the first Beeb golden oldie re-appointed.
ACTRESS Joanna Lumley was honoured for her Gurkha campaign when she was presented with the Oldie of the Year award yesterday.
Dear reader, IF you call yourself an oldie then you're going to feel like an oldie
A GOLDEN oldie in every sense of the word, Bella Davies (played by Rachel Thomas) was one of the Brynawelon stalwarts.
30pm: The Oldie lunch Legendary Oldie editor Richard Ingrams hosts a lunch as contributors and guests gather for good food, sparkling conversation and a little light book-plugging.
VETERAN DJ Tony Blackburn today fought off competition from battle- axe Anne Robinson to receive the Oldie of the Year award.
Lockerbie campaigner Dr Jim Swire, aged 64, from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, was named Oldie Campaigner of the Year by Oldie magazine.
Perhaps this extended afternoon slot, when it happens again, could be re-named The Oldie Afternoon (only because I''m not so sure it''s golden
AGE BEFORE BEAUTY Kimberley, left, and Cheryl Pictures: KEN MCKAY; GLAM TO GLUM Oldie make-up hides girls' beauty; LAUGHS Band with girls playing them as children in the 80s
Let's have a golden oldie programme like they have in the United States and Canada.
The event, hosted by The Oldie magazine, was the first to be held outside London and the West Country.