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BM1 Old Salt was confident he could operate the crane; it was "not much different" from one he had operated once before.
Old Salt makes around pounds 35 and the small Captain Cuttle pounds 65.
Then one day, happiness like the sea at the depths of the sea, you touch the window, knock wood, to settle blood you thought gone for good with the old horse grazing the horizon, and the grass's green cry from beneath the frozen damper; you touch what isn't there yet what's coming: the promised life but you've too many legs, too many arms, and your heart's in knots -- sit down, soul, sit down, let the child lost in the creases undo the net of the poor old salt who's caught only water.
While old salt Rudy griped about spending time with a "naked queer," Hatch earned his grudging admiration and unshakable loyalty.
2] from energy plants and factories into coal beds, old salt mines, deep aquifers (underground water-storage units), or depleted oil or gas reservoirs.
The contract also includes minor modifications to Westwinds Road and Old Salt Creek Highway.
The 22nd Annual Old Salt Fall King of the Beach tournament, held Nov.
Last month James Wharton, Conservative candidate for Stockton South, led calls for a geographic survey of old salt mines and cavities beneath the Tees estuary.
With his big bushy beard and black fisherman's cap, Des O'Connell looked like, and indeed was, a real old salt.
I was taught to swim by Mr Covey in the old Salt Lake swimming pool - does anyone remember the old Billy Pool situated in the rocks off West Drive?
It was said when an old salt retired and wanted to get far away from the sea, that he should sling an anchor over his shoulder and travel inland until he was asked what it was.
Turns out the owner (same guy who fancied Napoleon) picked up a collection of clipper ship models while in Cape Cod and opted for the old salt decor here: ship's clock, Honduran mahogany bar, crow's nest on a load-bearing pillar, belaying pins, lots of brass.
Purists, fussbudgets and naysayers may object that the whole point of being a board member is to be an old salt who has sailed the high seas of finance and has loads of experience.
Not to put too fine a point on it, the leathery old salt thinks Charles is a prat.