grease palm

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grease (one's) palm

To bribe someone discreetly, as by slipping money into their palm. A: "How are we going to get a table without a reservation?" B: "Don't worry, I greased the hostess' palm, and she promised us a table in no time." I greased my brother's palm to stop him from telling mom that I had a party while she was away.
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grease someone's palm

 and oil someone's palm
Fig. to bribe someone. If you want to get something done around here, you have to grease someone's palm. I'd never oil a police officer's palm. That's illegal.
See also: grease, palm
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Researchers from MPOB and the oil palm industry, Orion Genomics and Cold Spring Harbor Labs discovered that an epigenetic state they called Bad Karma resulted from the loss of DNA methylation of the oil palm Karma transposon embedded within an important flowering transcription factor gene.
We have had a long-standing collaboration with the MPOB that has successfully combined Orion's strengths in genomics and precision agriculture with MPOB's expertise in oil palm breeding, tissue culture and biology, and this combination has allowed us to discover together several important genetic characteristics of the oil palm that can help the industry increase yields without increasing planted area," said Nathan Lakey, President and CEO of Orion Genomics, and co-founder and Chairman of Orion Biosains.
We are grateful to RRI-CATAS for providing the oil palm plantation for the experiment.
Water regulation in land of oil palm plantations is still dependent on natural conditions, so that the groundwater table varies in each area / location of the study (Figure 2).
The selected oil palm sampling areas were all smallholder blocks of -2 ha that had been planted in triangular spacing (120-140 palms [ha.
The stable outlook reflects MARC's expectations that TSH's steadily improving oil palm maturity profile will support its business performance and there is no material weakening in its financial strength.
The sources said cultivation of oil palm in Pakistan would only beautify the coastal areas but also minimize environmental pollution.
The current boom in forestland being purchased or leased by multinational agribusiness corporations for mega oil palm plantations in Africa is expected to cause the same socio-economic and environmental disasters that have adversely affected populations in Indonesia and Malaysia as well as their tropical rainforests.
All the compressed oil palm fronds then undergo a sun-drying process for 12 hours until almost the moisture was removed from the fiber.
In the past 10 years, the country's oil palm plantations has expanded 8.
He said that as the second largest producer of palm oil in the world, Malaysia has a responsibility to make advancements that will improve the sustainability of oil palm agriculture, while improving yields for growers.
The growth of oil palm plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia is under fire from several quarters, including the environmental lobby; Unilever has announced that it is pulling out of all its plantations.
He added "We were amazed to discover that the samples from Malaysian oil palm plantations contained the oldest soil-derived dissolved organic carbon ever recorded.
Indonesia: Three critically-endangered Sumatran elephants have been found dead in an oil palm plantation in western Indonesia and are believed to have been poisoned, an NGO said Saturday.
In view of the economic importance of the oil palm in South East Asia, the treatment of the paper will focus particular attention to integrated systems involving this crop.