oh, sure

oh, sure (someone or something will)

inf. a sarcastic expression claiming that someone or something will do something or that something will happen. Andy: Don't worry. I'll do it. Rachel: Oh, sure you will. That's what you always say. Bob: I'll fix this fence the first chancel get. Mary: Oh, sure. When will that be? Next year?
See also: sure
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Oh, sure, BP eventually capped the oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, and the Chilean miners surfaced.
Oh, sure, the siblings may claim to reside and work in New York City and Paris walk-ups, but if the music of their third flail-length is any reflection of their environment, this duo dwells someplace far more fantastic: a garden on the ocean floor or a glittering cave in darkest Iceland with decor by Salvador Dali.
Oh, sure, a benevolent dictator would be preferable, but it has never been historically a deal breaker for our foreign policy.
Oh, sure, there was plenty of quicksilver, but fluency and felicity were the goal.
Oh, sure, we've got lots of them, but that means going to a whole other floor and this house is just too big.
Oh, sure, sometimes the ground staff can find an aisle chair to help us board, but what about the personnel who help us board?
1) Oh, sure, the curriculum has its detractors, who warn of the emotional risks of any sexual experimentation and the physical risks of oral sex.
Oh, sure, there's veal for the veal crowd and sometimes a special of gorgonzola sauce over tortellini that's wonderful, but not in hot weather.
Oh, sure, I could have highfalutin ideas about dance.
Oh, sure, I could have gotten a Damron guide, or even subscribed to lesbian connection--but where's the sport in that?
Oh, sure, we know where they fit now -- generally, behind a keyboard or under a desk pulling cable.
Oh, sure, being a hit man for organized crime has a certain glamorous appeal, but you know, there are certain skills required, like: "Only shoot your intended target; do not shoot yourself.
Oh, sure, I could reflect on it at home, but I know I wouldn't.
Oh, sure, there may be an honest mistake or two, and many of these are caught at the ports, airports and other gateways.
Oh, sure there's oak, to the point of a certain bite.