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ogle (at) someone or something

to stare at someone or something, usually with amorous or erotic relish. Don't just stand there and ogle at me! Stop ogling at those magazines.
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Then reason asserts itself and the answer to the opening of the first so-called "exotic" club for female oglers must be a resounding - no.
When these oglers leave, they may go out prowling for prostitutes, forced on to the streets by pimps or desperate circumstances.
An article by Maynard Tuggs in Cine Cinnati, the official organ of the Cincinnati Society of Film Oglers, describes Swain thus: "Swain invented a genre, and one that combined fundamental American values with their very antithesis.
com, a web-based cross merchandising approach that allows TV oglers to purchase on their computers the items they see on any of the the Scripps television programs.
Men are the biggest oglers, with six out of 10 confessing to 'frequently' being attracted to another motorist compared to a third of female drivers.
Perhaps they are all planted in the back yard (where they can be more carefully guarded) and are therefore invisible to front yard plant oglers like myself.
La casa cosa parea bretta The house to oglers ugly e brutta, seemed and seedy, vinta dal vento, e la natta e la wind-worn; and the reed's notte rattle and the night stilla le stelle, ch'a tetto era distilled the stars down tutta; through the gaping roof; del pane appena ne dette ta' the hermit with a crust and dotte; crumb of bread pere avea pure e qualche fratta had pairs of pears and some frutta, leftover fruit; e svina, e svena di botto una he tipped and tapped a botte; barrel most bartenderly, poscia per pesci lasche prese and then for fish some fishy all'esca; scales he caught: ma il letto allotta alla frasca fu but, oh, not bad, the bed fresca.
The city council is also worried that too many curves on view could attract pervy oglers.
But when we're talking about television, the combination of sheer Audience size and quiet psychic intercourse between images and oglers starts a cycle that both enhances pretty images' appeal and erodes us viewers' own security in the face of gazes.
It's like something from an earthquake zone," gasps one of the gawpers and oglers who have come to pry into this pitiful scene.
The stikini is not only the answer to a strapless tan, but it will also provide hours of entertainment for oglers on the beach.