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officiate (as something) (at something)

to serve as an official or moderator at some event. They asked me to officiate as a judge at the contest. Laura will officiate as parade marshal.
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Further, any secular officiator should be able to perform polygamous marriages, regardless of whether the practice is restricted to those with genuine religious beliefs.
Waterstone's tried to interest the Guinness Book of World Records but were told they needed an independent officiator to oversee the entire signing.
As officiator I reckoned I ought to distinguish myself from the common herd of tux wearers, and so I threw around my neck a white silk scarf with a Japanese motif picked out on it in crimson thread.
Those and other elements taking place outside of the home--such as synagogue architecture and rabbinical roles--typically show the influence of the cultural values of the larger society within which Jews live (the influence of American Protestantism, for example, can be seen in the arrangement of "pews" or in the Reform and even Conservative rabbi's expanding role as officiator at weddings, funerals, and sabbath and holiday services, none of which is required by Jewish law).
So when Dan and Jennifer appeared at the courthouse this spring to purchase their marriage license and find an officiator for their ballpark wedding, Miranda said: "I'll do it.
Dirty Red is once again the officiator of this spiritual moment, which points to the connection between the graveyard and the swamplands.
Football whistlers Pat McEneaney and Brian White, and Tipperary's hurling officiator Willie Barrett picked up Eircell GAA Player of the Month Award for December.
Or crashing local wedding ceremonies at the moment where the officiator asks for any objections, standing up and reciting a speech about the shameful inequity of access to marriage.
Then he went back to the sitting room, and after the casket was wheeled into the chapel, spoke a few minutes to the officiator about his wife: where and when she was born, names of her parents and sister, schools she attended and professions she had, facts like that, plus two or three things she used to do to entertain herself: books, classical music, cook--and at eleven or so .
This is also an excellent format for Bible study, conversational sermons and church meetings, for on one occasion the same minister can be both the preacher and the officiator of Holy Communion.
The reality TV couple was joined by "Bachelor" host Chris Harrison on their special day as the officiator of the ceremony.
Thomas Schelling, who hailed from the RAND Corporation and knew Kissinger from Harvard's Center for International Affairs, acted as the officiator.