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officiate (as something) (at something)

to serve as an official or moderator at some event. They asked me to officiate as a judge at the contest. Laura will officiate as parade marshal.
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During the 2008 IPL, I officiated in matches in Delhi, but I have never done an international match there.
New Community Jewish athletic director Sina Monjazeb said four players have experienced concussions in four games officiated by just one referee.
The official in the low status condition, had four years of basketball officiating experience, typically officiated three high school junior varsity games per week, and was considered by colleagues to be needing more instruction and experience.
Sir Ian McKellen is a close friend of the pair and postings on social media suggest he officiated at the secret ceremony.
Srinivasan has officiated in several ACC tournaments and one ICC WCL tournament.
He has an evident passion for the game and this is shown in the 1,050 games he has officiated over.
So the referees have to be applauded - and Joe McQuillan, left, in particular deserves an honourable mention for his handling of the Kerry-Galway SFC quarter-final, he officiated a superb game with confidence.
He became a member of the Collegiate Basketball Association and officiated college games in Divisions 1, 2 and 3 throughout New England.
Laws last officiated a Cardiff City game in their 1-0 defeat at West Bromwich Albion this season.
Richard acted as an assistant referee in the game between York City Reserves and Darlington Reserves and also officiated in the under-18 match between Sunderland and Aston Villa.
She officiated in the WNBA's inaugural season, including the 1997 WNBA Championship before being called to the men's league.
We can legislate against that as long as it's officiated with common sense,'' said Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer, who favors the rule.
A Methodist minister in Chicago who officiated at the holy union of two gay men was suspended March 26 for disobeying church law.
With DDF's help the UAE RSS now has five referees officiating in Asian Rugby Football Union tournaments, two of which are recognised by the IRB and officiated at the recent Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea.
The teams of referees from Argentine, Italy and Uzbekistan officiated 4 matches in Brazil.