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offend against someone or something

to anger or affront someone or something. We do not wish to offend against anyone. He didn't realize that he offended against their cultural values.
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offend someone with something

to anger or affront someone with something. Don't offend us with your bad jokes. I offended Ralph with my constant niggling.
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Of those on community service orders 38% offended within three years, compared to 42% on probation.
It is argued herein that, since the early 1980s, five assumptions have fueled the assessment, treatment, and management of adolescents who have offended sexually.
Those offended by the Government's generosity with our taxes should also be given an apology and an explanation as to why we send millions to corrupt governments.
Although we consulted with Native American friends and Native American studies experts at the University of California, we realize now that we have offended people.
I have a simple answer to those who MIGHT be offended.
I have been reading a plethora of letters in the past several weeks about how everyone is offended by noisy kids, offended by inappropriate dress in malls, offended by bikinis at the pool (which by the way, if you go to a pool you will see people in swimming suits), offended by driving, offended by poor service, offended by loud music, offended by high fees, offended because Madonna was late, etc etc.
Summary: Filipina actress Bella Padilla has apologised for her cover of FHM Philippines, after it offended readers, with many saying it was racist.
Carol Thatcher and Jeremy Clarkson have apparently offended hundreds of thousands recently, and television and tabloids made a feast of it.
I ask this not because I was personally offended by Joe Kinnear's swearathon.
Are Muslims offended when a dog passes them on the street?
Obviously, it offended some people and for that I apologize as it was never my intention to offend anyone, or hurt my team.
He said: "Christianity is being eroded from view - more often than not in the fear of offending those who would not be offended.
com reported that Miss McComb, who quite rightly was offended that her dearly held beliefs were being censored, had another plan.
Being offended is part of college," Lukianoff said.
And by anti-Christ mob - I don't mean people of other religions - I'm talking about those idiots from local councils and government offices who call themselves Diversity Officers and whose job it is to think up ways people might, just might, be offended by the word Christmas.