offend against

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offend against someone or something

to anger or affront someone or something. We do not wish to offend against anyone. He didn't realize that he offended against their cultural values.
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We seek to tackle those who use the internet as a vehicle to offend against children; be it grooming for sexual activity or making, possessing or distributing indecent images.
This case involved the among other things the discussion of the Validity of criminal legislation passed ad hominem and ex post facto, and the Competence of Parliament to pass laws which offend against fundamental principles of justice
That is to say, if you can offend against God to preserve life, you can certainly offend against a person.
We need to reaffirm the constitutionally guaranteed right to propagate one's religion which these observations in the judgment offend against.
Emerald Isle flanker Ferris urged fellow countryman Alan Lewis to dish out 10-minute yellow cards if New Zealand offend against Wales at the Millennium Stadium on Saturday.
Judge Fox QC Judge Fox told Jeffries, now of Balfour Street, Oldham: "When you were a child you began to offend against another child.
I hope Christ meant it when he said those who offend against little children can expect horrible punishment.
Popova commented on their opinions by saying: "Let's cool down our emotions and, because of a particular attitude or desire to say how much we do not want a person to become an EC Commissioner, let us not offend against something that is clear, open and specific, and is based on Bulgarian legislation.
First also objected to the idea that hebephilia needed to be added to the definition because many men do not differentiate between prepubescent and pubescent children, and offend against both.
One category of offender where these tensions are particularly apparent is sex offenders, particularly those who offend against children.
During the next 12 months it is our intention to continue to investigate all reported incidents and bring to task those that deliberately offend against environmental legislation.
It teaches its members that they should develop a sense of sin when they offend against the natural world.
CARI is holding a conference, the first of its kind in Ireland, called The Last Taboo - Women Who Sexually Offend Against Children next Thursday to address the issue.
So today we find Great Britain can be an open house for all the scumbags in Europe and countries beyond and we have no laws in force with which to deport them when they offend against the laws of our land.
Because these acts are done on private property, and not in public, they do not offend against the test of indecency, the Court said.