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Yet nowadays, we seem to believe that speech and activities that offend are in some way socially damaging and so require necessary curtailment.
Steven Peterson, who leads the School of Public Affairs at Penn State Hamsburg, said instructors should find ways to motivate their classes without using words that could offend someone.
You know the words I'm talking about - the ones we're told upset and offend most right-thinking people, the ones which are an attack on this multi-cultural society that is Britain, and the ones which have the loony PC brigade screaming for compensation?
If you participate in dance competitions and take the chance of choosing the Madonna song for the 8-year-old, and you offend the judges, are you doing justice to your dancer?
foreign policy because (a) the government objected to the paper (b) the teacher changed his mind about her grade (e) papers were to be publicly displayed and it was feared the essay would offend people (d) school rules prohibited criticism of the U.
We asked young people, their whanau, and those who work with them about the factors that lead young Maori to offend.
First, we are told that Peter Mitchell, the only CURRENT councillor to have been at Hillsborough, has had a meeting with his leader, and is assured by his contrition that he didn''t mean to offend.
Their eight chapters describe and define juvenile sex offending, present case studies illustrating why juveniles offend, provide examples of the variety of those who might be labeled juvenile sex offenders, examine common typologies of sex offenders, address the issue of recidivism, critique the current legal response in the United States, and urge public education on the true nature of juvenile sex offending.
Research shows that children and young people who have offended, or are likely to offend, often have a much greater level of health-related issues than the general youth population.
A NORTH East service has been recognised at a national level for its contribution to improving the life chances of young people who offend.
Why is it OK to offend them in order to ensure that people of other faiths or no faith are not offended?
Comic Roseanne Barr said of Cohen: "He does offend some people's sensibilities, but the youth of today are offended if they're not offended.
If those hecklers who were offended wind up suing the Laugh Factory and winning, that will be the death of American stand-up comedy, as the stand-up comics will be asked to submit a script before appearing onstage, to be politically correct and not to offend anyone.
Local ordinances that prohibit employment discrimination based on sexual orientation in a Kentucky county cannot be struck down because they offend someone's religious beliefs, a federal court has ruled.