off beam

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off beam

Mistaken, inaccurate, or incorrect; going against or straying away from the correct line of thinking. Hyphenated if used before a noun. I'm saddened that the president would choose to make remarks about our troops that are so off beam. The CEO's off-beam plans ended up costing the company nearly half a billion dollars in lost revenue.
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off (or way off) beam

on the wrong track; mistaken. informal
Originally, this phrase referred to the radio beam or signal used to guide aircraft.
1997 Anthony Barnett This Time I sample the press coverage to illustrate how large sections of the Fourth Estate were way off beam in their conviction that voters want the country steered back towards ‘Great Englishness’.
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off ˈbeam

(informal) wrong; incorrect: No, you’re way off beam there.A radio wave, or beam, can be used to guide aircraft. If the aircraft is off beam it is not following the correct course as set by the beam.
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Seeking damages from the criminals' intended victim, The Dude meets some classic off-beam characters in Coen brothers' regulars John Goodman and Steve Buscemi.
YOUR correspondent Graham Crick (Captain Blood,letters, March 15)is a little off-beam ab out the works of Rafael Saba tini.
It all blended in perfectly with the off-beam sound that the band have claimed as their own.
It was only when she started whispering to one of her colleagues, and giving me strange looks, that I wondered if my mastery of the local hryvnia currency was slightly off-beam.
In the first half the scrum creaked, George Ford's kicking was off-beam and England did not know how they wanted to play.
In the first half the scrum m creaked, George Ford's kicking was off-beam and England did not know how they wanted to play.
Could it be that the teachings of Saint Paul Might not be that far off-beam after all?
While the need for the nation still to tighten its belt following the financial crisis of 2008 remains obvious, what this report reminds us is that the focus of those cuts is somewhat off-beam.
Suggesting betting operators should pay a voluntary levy to Sport England, for the benefit of grassroots sports, is so far off-beam that it's out of this world.
His passing is erratic and it is no surprise that he is still searching for his first goal considering his off-beam shooting.
He's a tall, lanky lad and if the radar is slightly off-beam it's going to be hard to pull it back," he explained.
The fiery Italian failed to sway either the umpire or Rusedski as the Canadianborn Briton took the first set, but off-beam serving and ambitious shot-making forced Rusedski into a second set tie-break, which Galvani won comfortably before - galvanised for the third set - his serves won the day.
Some more off-beam serving and an ambitious attempt at a drop shot by Rusedski put Galvani 0-30 ahead but the Briton stormed back to win the game.
Oliver has already shown he is a dunce when it comes to politics and his judgment of popular feeling in Scotland is hopelessly off-beam.
But his views on prize-money were way off-beam - he wants any Budget handout used to bolster winnings in our big races.