off topic

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*off topic

not on the topic of discussion; far from the general subject of a discussion; not part of the purpose of a particular communication channel, such as an Internet newsgroup. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; get someone ~.) The boys in the back of the room just love to get the teacher off topic.
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Prior to setting up its kiosk in Dubai, Off Topic first turned to technology to spread the word.
Salama forged connections with an artist in the US and Off Topic was born.
He has a tendency to engage in long digressions which, while fascinating, stray far off topic.
A world without bananas would be a terrible place," I heard a colleague muse, before moving off topic to the terrible demise of afternoon tea.
Of course, it is out off topic to analyse the patterns of change in those countries, but some critical standpoints are more than necessary as a filter against the mind-laziness of the plot theories, partly tributary to an archaic, propagandist and Soviet-inherited perspective.
There are enough supercars and Gucci-clad teenagers in the country to prove that UAE residents have a spending problem (we hate to go off topic, but has anyone noticed a rise in 'gangsta'-style mall rats dressed in Versace, calling each other homies and the n-word?
So a conversation about adhering to Web site privacy best practices might seem a bit Au well, off topic.
Sometimes we stray off topic, but that's all right, because this is the students' time," she says, adding there's nothing that beats sitting face-to-face with one's peers, sharing "war" stories.
com will not go down easily--not because it is poorly written or off topic but because he pulls no punches in his very nontraditional way of promoting yourself in a job search.
Some of the conversation was off topic, but she let the woman talk.
You are adding insult to injury by veering off topic, addressing the issue of publishing an inconclusive research study, instead of focusing on the insulting statement.
Matthew LaClair, a junior at Kearny High School in Kearny, New Jersey, grew frustrated when David Paszkiewicz, instructor of an honors history course, began veering off topic and delivering sermons.
and slightly off topic, is the "shambles" eating establishment still going in the centre?
In closing, although I found some of Spring's book to be off topic, and the title to be somewhat misleading, this book is well worth the read for anyone interested in learning more about how the dominant group in the U.
Elsewhere, some material is dated or off topic (the Columbine massacre and workplace violence hardly qualify as terrorism), chapters seem to be out of place, and a few chapters contain conclusions, while others don't.