off to the side

*off to the side (with someone)

moving aside with someone to discuss something. (*Typically: get ~; go ~; move ~; Step ~.) I got off with Charles and we discussed the contract. I moved off to the side with the client and explained the offer a little better.
See also: off, side
References in classic literature ?
It struck forty feet away from me, off to the side.
The spooked cameraman veered off to the side and kept his distance.
The law dates back to a time when people were supposed to turn their parking lights on only if they pulled off to the side of the road.
After my first two tanks I was beaming like a proud father; proud of the sweet smell of my exhaust early in the morning and the ability to drive past the rest of the pack and use the shiny new yellow pump off to the side, where onlookers seemed to marvel at the guy using the "new" fuel.
The second-best option is to ride off to the side of the lead boat, on what is called the bow wave.
In the group work, heads heaved wildly off to the side, the rest of the body dragging along.
Investigators tracked down Williams after he pulled off to the side of the road and flagged down passing motorists.
There are churches with no kneelers, the tabernacle so far off to the side it is hard to see it.
Grief, 2002, comprising brown, orange, and yellow parallelograms, hovers just off to the side somewhat more diffidently.
I imagined visiting her on the set, sitting off to the side, holding Chas on my lap, nodding to the beat as she belted out "Dark Lady" or "Half Breed.
It was just after evensong, as formal goodbyes were being offered to visitors, that Sister Michael heard the squealing of a pig and learned that the animal was being slaughtered just off to the side of the worshippers for the pig roast that would follow.
Also from Wildlife Research Center, the Pro-Drag[TM] was designed to lay a scent trail off to the side of your own footsteps.
The careless sound of slamming doors on cars pulled off to the side of the road, their occupants spilling out with friendly chatter.
Even as we put together this report, the less agile and flexible of the wunderkind were quietly being kicked upstairs or unceremoniously off to the side.
At a time when managed care was moving to dominate hospitals and physician practices, long-term care stood serenely off to the side.