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Seventy percent of the neighborhood's shops employ one or more people off the books, paying in cash, food, liquor, or any number of store products.
Two confidential informants-- both disgruntled ex-employees-- told the IRS Barrett kept cash patient fees off the books.
Completions" include unsuccessful searches which were closed and moved off the books due to a variety of reasons, including client cancellation.
I believe first-degree murderers deserve to be executed, but with so many exclusions on the books - mental illness, under 18 at the time, inadequate defense and others - the death penalty will eventually be taken off the books.
With a backlog of distressed properties off the books and recycled into the market place, banks can return to the business of lending.
Smith said that this move was long overdue and that in addition, in order to enhance the company's attractiveness to investors all back salaries have been taken off the books and Coronado officers and employees have returned over 100 million option shares.
The documentary compiles a wide array of corporate offenses, including managers instructed to doctor payroll records to keep earned overtime off the books and its strong-arm anti-union tactics.
The conduit is designed to get problem loans off the books while raising new capital from U.
5 million off the books when they did not pick up the option on veteran center Adam Oates, granting him unrestricted free agency.
Obviously, since the counter-signature requirements will soon be wiped off the books, there is no need to pursue the lawsuit," Crerar said.
Last year, FlexTrade launched DeepFeed, a service also available through FlexTRADER that offers a broad matrix of bids/offers off the books of every major ECN with market maker quotes, giving traders the ability to instantly analyze, scan and sweep fragmented markets.
5 million after-tax increase in the deferred gain on the sale of Lincoln's reinsurance operations is amortized into earnings as the underlying exited businesses run off the books.
But the county never took the language allowing the practice off the books.
Under current market conditions, once generating assets are off the books, from a financial perspective, transmission assets must start meeting the organization's new investment criteria.
Andro is banned in the NFL, NCAA and the Olympics, but the Players Association, through the collective bargaining agreement, has been able to keep any drug-testing policy off the books.