off the air

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off (the) air

No longer broadcasting live, or not during a live broadcast, as on television or radio. We were discussing the issue off air during the break, and my guest raised some very good points. Please wait until we're off the air before you answer your phone.
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off the air

not broadcasting (a radio or television program). The radio audience won't hear what you say when you're off the air. When the performers were off the air, the director told them how well they had done.
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off the air

Not being broadcast, as in Once they knew they were off the air, the panelists burst out laughing. This idiom, along with the antonym on the air ("being broadcast"), dates from the 1920s, air being considered a medium for radio-wave transmission.
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ˌon/ˌoff the ˈair

(being) broadcast/not (being) broadcast on radio or television: ‘Going Live’ will go off the air for the summer, returning for a new series in the autumn.
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Other listeners have told the KPNW staff that the liberal media is to blame for their favorite talk-show hosts - Lars Larson and Rush Limbaugh - going off the air.
Until these and other incidents that the black community thinks is fine among their community, are rectified, you have little room to demand that Don Imus be kept off the air waves.
After the revelation, BBC director general Mark Thompson took all phone-in quizzes off the air.
The signal from IraqiSatellite TV, which broadcasts 24 hours a day outside Iraq, went off the air around 4:30 am (0130 GMT), but resumed about eight hours later.
In southwest Louisiana, Wildmon knocked two NPR affiliates off the air by overpowering their signals.
But he continued to shout and swear and we had to come off the air for a few minutes because of his language.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The government of Spain asked the country's major satellite provider Hispasat to took an Iranian satellite channel off the air in a blatant violation of the freedom of speech.
9), lost faith in Faith Hill and booted the music off the air.
Unfortunately, stacking gear around the fan chokes off the air flow that's used to cool the interior of the vehicle.
Duggan, the president of the Public Broadcasting Service, protesting PBS's shabby treatment of the award-winning human-rights series, Rights & Wrongs, which will be forced off the air this fall unless it receives PBS funding and distribution.
As it plied the waters south of Norway, the ship shot off the air gun and recorded teh reflected waves -- a technique called seismic-reflection profiling.
The superior design enhancements to these two products provide our customers with peace of mind that their antennas will perform well, even when faced with winds powerful enough to force other antennas off the air," said Russell Dearnley, earth station antenna business unit director, Satellite Communications Group, Andrew Corporation.
On December 20, Spain's major satellite provider Hispasat took two Iranian satellite channels off the air in a blatant violation of the freedom of speech.
The spokesperson behind Kuwaiti journalist Halima Poland denied circulating rumors that the show presented by Hailma "Musalsalat Halima" (Halima's Dramas) that the satellite channel MBC, which airs the show, has been taken off the air.
Walters, 74, said that, when she first became an evening news anchor, co-anchor Harry Reasoner did not want to work with a woman and wouldn't talk to her off the air.