off the air

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off (the) air

No longer broadcasting live, as on television or radio. We were discussing the issue off air during the break, and my guest raised some very good points. Please wait until we're off the air before you answer your phone.
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off the air

not broadcasting (a radio or television program). The radio audience won't hear what you say when you're off the air. When the performers were off the air, the director told them how well they had done.
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off the air

Not being broadcast, as in Once they knew they were off the air, the panelists burst out laughing. This idiom, along with the antonym on the air ("being broadcast"), dates from the 1920s, air being considered a medium for radio-wave transmission.
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ˌon/ˌoff the ˈair

(being) broadcast/not (being) broadcast on radio or television: ‘Going Live’ will go off the air for the summer, returning for a new series in the autumn.
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This is while Hispan tv is operating under the laws of the European Union and has not received any notice on the violation of the law or the decision to take it off the air, press tv reported.
It's worth mentioning that Hispasat is partly owned by Paris-based Eutelsat SA satellite provider that removed Iranian channels off the air in October.
They had called in an air ambulance, but (the boy) being so critical, they called off the air ambulance and took him to the nearest hospital by ground,'' Collis said.
That's why these pro-drug forces are fighting so hard to get them off the air.
While there may be a brief period where advertisers are actually forced off the air due to continuous war coverage, he believes that this period will last only a few days.
What happened to Dave and Amy: The previous KABC morning duo is off the air.
Not since Dallas went off the air, has Texas exerted such a powerful pull on the country's imagination," according to Irma Zandl, president of The Zandl Group, a New York City-based trends research firm.
The Backstroke(R) has generated over $5,000,000 since its debut and has been off the air since March of this year.
The station was later taken off the air by the FCC, and shortly thereafter, Hollywood began his career as a radio jock.
Abatemarco's extensive experience in broadcast journalism includes on and off the air work in radio and television.
Murray has been with NBC 5 for over 18 years managing and leading the award winning sports department on and off the air.
Laura Show, were pulled off the air after listeners phoned the radio station KCMO-AM in Kansas City, Missouri.
In the event any of these connects are lost, individual sites will be off the air until the telephone company restores the interconnect facility.
I've been missing something like this since the day KSCA went off the air," emailed Mykal Burns of Pasadena.
When KSCA went off the air, all I did was channel surf.