off goes

off someone or something goes

someone or something is leaving. (Said on the departure of someone or something.) It's time to leave. Off I go. Sally looked at the airplane taking off and said, "Off it goes."
See also: goes, off
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THIS week's Kelly Brook prize for getting the kit off goes to.
When off goes the light In bed, side by side we lay Whispering quietly to each other Goodnight, sleep tight, yes, we are both ok.
4 COP liquor license all paid off goes with the deal.
Just press a button, and off goes the noise of the political plethora of TV commercials now dominating our airwaves until election time.
So one fine summer day, and without any concern for the worry she would cause her family, off goes Molly Midnight into that world where she unexpectedly encounters some rather saucy butterflies, slithery snakes, superstitious people, an airplane ride, hunger, homesickness, and in the process, discovers the secret of a painter's art.
Stir the potion, sprinkle on a dash of catalytic powder, and off goes the chemical transformation.