off game

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*off one's game

Fig. not able to play a sport as well as normal. (*Typically: be ~; put one ~; throw one ~.) I'm a little tired, and that generally puts me off my game.
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Three different runners scored touchdowns against Kennedy of Granada Hills last week to make up for McCravey's off game.
Even more so because the Lakers withstood another hard-charging team and found a way to grind out their fourth consecutive win despite an off game from Kobe Bryant (16 points, 5 for 17 from the field).
Photo: Simi Valley's Anish Sharda was one of the Pioneers who didn't have an off game against Mater Dei.
He had an off game against COC, scoring 10 points and grabbing five rebounds.
If Trajan Langdon is hurting, if they aren't hitting from outside, if somebody's hurt or sick or has an off game, they replace him with another All-American.