off campus

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*off campus

not located or present on the grounds of a college or university. (*Typically: be ~; live ~; move~.) Tom has an apartment off campus. The dean is off campus and cannot be reached.
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Birmingham City University continually promotes the importance of personal safety, both on and off campus, and a range of information and resources is available to students to improve awareness of risks.
A survey was compiled because it was suspected that many students in Virginia were not receiving O&M instruction off campus and in the community.
Hannah-Beth Jackson extends the disciplinary powers of community colleges to apply to sexual assaults that don't involve other students or happen off campus grounds.
These programs are presently in facilities on NIC s campus, as well as two remote sites off campus.
8) Layshock did access the profile he created twice at school, but school officials took action based on the belief that Layshock's speech was entirely off campus.
Please stay off campus unless directed to return," the text read.
In addition to efforts designed to prevent nighttime disturbances off campus, students and neighbors can expect to see more police on College, Caro and Boyden streets on weekend nights.
Our goal is to create the most comprehensive listing of available off campus housing rentals for college students, and I think we've done just that, with more partners scheduled to join our property listings early next year.
The cases all involve student speech that originates off campus, but then finds its way to campus either through technology, word of mouth, or a third party.
There are a lot of students living off campus, whether in their own apartment, with their family or elsewhere.
and Axelrod, a former university professor and author of other Complete Idiot's Guides, present advice for college students on safety strategies when they are on and off campus.
WHEN UPPERCLASS STUDENTS move off campus, often it's their first time out on their own.
8e6's R3000 software, a filter that can sit at the district site, filters all Internet traffic and allows schools to chose which categories of sites to block, such as hate sites and child pornography, on campus and off campus.