of the sort

something of the sort

something of the kind just mentioned. The tree isn't exactly a spruce tree, just something of the sort. Jane has a cold or something of the sort.
See also: of, sort
References in classic literature ?
She says `There is nobody staying with us,' meaning nobody of the sort you mean.
The girl was of the sort one necessa rily casts eyes at in a sense.
I noticed that he had three or four thousand-dollar bills, and there didn't seem to be anything of the sort upon him when he was found.
Following completion of the sort, participants were asked to leave a comment about their general sorting strategy, any points of confusion during the sort, and specific symbols that were difficult to classify, particularly those placed in the 'Other' category.
There were three symbols that were split evenly (50/50) into two categories across the twenty sorts (two 'Incident' symbols and one 'Natural Event' symbol); these symbols were placed into the 'No Majority' grouping despite being at 50% in one category, along with any symbols that were not placed into one of the categories in 50% or more of the sorts.
Degrade is shown in Figure 5 as a function of the sort initial MC.
Click the Options button in the lower left corner of the Sort dialog.
He regards moralizing as a kind of mandating, speaks of "the effect of coercion in the politics of shame," and refers to the "deep coerciveness" of the sort of thinking that privileges marriage.
In fact, the native language code of the sort pattern could only be tested on the sorter itself.
So too, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, A Touch of Evil, and Amadeus paint frightening pictures of the sorts of people we are capable of becoming when our demons gain control.