of service

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of service (to someone or something)

Helping, serving, assisting, or working for someone or something Good evening, sir, how may I be of service? He has undoubtedly committed a transgression, but in consideration of his many unblemished years of service to the force, we are recommending unpaid suspension rather than complete dismissal.
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of service (to someone)

helping someone; serving someone. Good morning, madam. May I be of service to you? Welcome to the Warwick Hotel. May I be of service?
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This study evaluates the impact of service learning on student performance among Basic Statistics students.
Among middle- and high-income economies today, services generate 62 percent of all employment on average, and the higher a country's GDP per capita, the higher the share of service employment (Figure 2).
448(d)(2)(A) lists the performance of services in "health, law, engineering, architecture, accounting, actuarial science, performing arts, or consulting" as taxpayer activities that constitute personal services.
network statistics/outputs, outcomes assessment, service quality), the ways in which to use these techniques so as to benefit the library's understanding of their services/resources, data analysis of the evaluation project collection activities, the interpretation of the results of such assessment approaches, and ways in which to feed the results of the evaluation projects into the library's provision of services and resources and planning activities.
The four distinct levels of service within the co-location service industry are: basic co-location services, co-location services with bandwidth, managed service providers, and hosted service providers.
This model also has served as the theoretical base for satisfaction research in the broader context of service industry marketing (Zaltman & Wallendorf, 1983).
Both of these bills would provide Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) recipients with a choice of service providers.
Geographic Dispersion of Service Use Data on the geographic dispersion of the financial institutions supplying firms with various services can provide further insights into how large geographic markets might be.
This article provides an introduction to service learning, a brief history/theoretical framework of service learning, followed by highlights of service learning projects as reported, using an electronic survey of members of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA).
Membership size and strength give Tidewater the leverage to negotiate reduced costs while maintaining high levels of service.
THE AUTHOR SUGGESTS THAT CURRENT CONDITIONS ARE nearly ideal for the effective meta-assessment of online reference services (ORS), in part because expected patterns and modes of service have not yet been established for emerging and evolving online environments, and in part because the distance between theory and practice regarding reference service in general is at its perigee.
The Skills Training Department provides classroom instruction and practical on-the-job experiences in a variety of service industries.
Preparedness for independent living and opportunity in the community are beginning to have equal goal status with the individual's "employability" in the eyes of service providers.
For example, it may be necessary for the Federal Reserve to provide a payment service to ensure that an adequate level of service is provided nationwide or to avoid undue delay in the development and implementation of the service.