of service

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of service (to someone)

helping someone; serving someone. Good morning, madam. May I be of service to you? Welcome to the Warwick Hotel. May I be of service?
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If necessary services do not exist within a reasonable distance, the service coordinators become advocates for the development of community-based services and may negotiate arrangements with potential providers of service.
Mental imagery and common sense, however, suggest different roles and expectations on the part of service providers.
A critical component to the success of service relationships is the ability to effectively manage service costs.
Students were more likely to agree or strongly agree with survey statements in courses in which instructors reported incorporating a large number of best practices, Student perceptions were more positive when instructors spent class time introducing students to the service ethic, had frequent class discussions that meaningfully connected course content with the service being performed, provided numerous opportunities for student reflection about the service-learning experience, required that students complete at least ten hours of service, and communicated regularly with the community service agencies.
These changes were designed to promote development of service programs in community settings most similar to mainstream living arrangements.
Cisco gives us the versatility and quality of service capability to support true multiservice delivery, with voice and video, to consumers and businesses over the same Ethernet infrastructure," said Ger Bakker, director of technology at UNET.
Provides an overview of what service learning is, the vision and benefits of service learning, keys to successfully implement a service learning project into course curriculum, and describes an example course designed to prepare students to participate effectively in civic life and to address community needs.
This open information sharing enables service providers to utilize the E-series in a network leveraging best-of-bread solutions to intelligently and dynamically apply Quality of Service (QoS), and subscriber related policies from the edge to the IP core.
During three semesters of program coursework and field experience, candidates participate in an articulated scope and sequence of service learning experiences and develop core knowledge about the importance of service learning as a teaching strategy.
com), the leading provider of service management OSS solutions, delivering next-generation services on IP broadband and wireless networks, today announced the general market availability of the Sigma Service Management Platform (SMP) Release 3.
Furthermore, comprehensive assessment of service learning should address the interests of all stakeholders in the process, utilizing instruments that capture the interplay among faculty, students, community, and educational institution.
And by ensuring standardization and repeatable processes, the Service Catalog can help IT leaders to drive down costs while still achieving a high level of service.
A market is now emerging for modular, highly available, standards-based business gateways that support multi-services from the ground up and offer a wide variety of service modules.
The new Authorized 3Com Service Delivery Program is the program we have been asking for because it helps differentiate resellers and it helps to highlight partners who deliver a full solution and provide high levels of service and support," said Robert C.
The use of NEON's Shadow z/Services gave us a very convenient and straightforward way to re-use existing mainframe application code in order to provide a higher level of service to our customers," Jerry Fica, Project Lead DBA, Holland America Lines.