of benefit

of benefit (to someone)

serving someone well; to the good of someone. I can't believe that this proposal is of benefit to anyone. Oh, I'm sure you'll find the new health plan to be of benefit.
See also: benefit, of
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There arises on the deed the instant acknowledgment of benefit on the one part and of debt on the other; that is, of superiority and inferiority.
The law of benefits is a difficult channel, which requires careful sailing, or rude boats.
A plan amendment that retroactively (i) eliminates or reduces an early retirement benefit or a retirement-type subsidy (as defined in regulations), or (ii) eliminates an optional form of benefit is treated as reducing accrued benefits.
The normal form of benefit distribution under the cash-balance program is, by law, an annuity.
In fact, more than 67 percent of benefit managers of large corporations have stated that they will reduce benefits over the next few years to mitigate their FAS 106 liability.
TriZetto provides a full complement of benefit administration technology and transaction service that clients can use to improve operational effectiveness while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to a rapidly changing healthcare environment.
Relation of Benefit to Salary Prior to Retirement--Since it had a final average plan, Tobacco's benefits were directly related to final average salary.
The Advisor Firms, which are recognized leaders in the Bank Owned Life Insurance ("BOLI") market, specialize in helping banks attract, retain, and reward key executives and directors through the design, implementation, and administration of benefit programs that maximize the use of a bank's financial resources.
Protected benefits include accrued benefits, early retirement benefits, retirement-type subsidies and optional forms of benefit.
However, a mechanism within all flexible benefit programs tends to dampen the effect of benefit cost increases.
Unified's commitment to utilizing the latest proven technologies to streamline and add value to the benefit planning process is now enhanced with the addition of Benefit Informatics analytics, reporting and modeling capabilities.
Corporate America may decide to fund aggressively because of financial incentives to do so, but it also needs to raise the broader issue of benefit security before Congress.
A plan amendment that has the effect of eliminating or reducing an early retirement benefit or a retirement-type subsidy, or eliminating an optional form of benefit, with respect to benefits attributable to service before the amendment, is treated as reducing accrued benefits.
To make certain that at least some level of benefit security is maintained, excess assets are defined as assets in excess of 125 percent of the pension plan's current liability.
Med-Pay offers an array of benefit services including precertification/utilization review, large case management, COBRA & HIPAA administration, Workers' Compensation claims administration, HRAs, HSAs, stop-loss, as well as medical, dental, vision, and short term disability claims administration.