of a sudden

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all of a sudden

Unexpectedly and abruptly; suddenly. I was startled when the fire alarm went off all of a sudden. I thought Laura and I were friends, but all of a sudden, she stopped talking to me.
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(all) of a sudden

As a noun sudden is now found only in this phrase, but from the mid 16th century to the early 18th century it was in regular use in the sense ‘an unexpected danger or emergency’.
See also: of, sudden
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We played hard for seven months or whatever it was, and all of a sudden you aren't playing for anything anymore.
Now Santi hits a home run, we get a couple more on base and all of a sudden Bass hits a three-run shot and I'm saying `Boy, it's tied.
Watching the Giants execute to perfection for two straight losses, Burleson said any mistakes his team has committed were exploited by a veteran team that all of a sudden is in command of the division race for the first-half title.
Nothing very interesting happens to anybody here - rejection is dealt with poorly, one character decides to go gay all of a sudden - but some of it is funny enough to overcome the general air of self-involved narcissism (a tone Leva at least makes fun of in a scene at a vanity publishing outfit).
At 5, ``he all of a sudden started doing quite well with very little help from me,'' the physician said.