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chef d'oeuvre

A masterpiece. When the sculpture was finally complete, the artist declared it his greatest chef d'oeuvre.
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a chef d'oeuvre

an artist's or writer's best piece of work The Decameron is widely regarded as Boccaccio's chef d'oeuvre.
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Micheline Senecal, l'auteure de la deuxieme recension intitulee Les Tableaux d'Ozias Leduc a la cathedrale Saint-Charles-Borromee de Joliette 1892-1894, a du, quant a elle, composer avec une oeuvre peu documentee et produite dans un contexte tout a fait different que celle analysee par Levis Martin.
Jean Dubuffet's coinage "art brut" has an antiquated ring, and "outsider art" was a suspect term even before the oeuvre of Chicago janitor and Vivian Girls visionary Henry Darger became a posthumous blockbuster.
Sterling Brown wrote ethnography by offering a diverse oeuvre of material from which to glean an understanding and appreciation of the richness and diversity of black folk culture.
They actually meant 'without debate', and their entire oeuvre is shot through with such slippages and misunderstandings.
Rather than treating Helisenne's works one at a time, chapter by chapter, Wood has adopted a thematic approach, studying the whole oeuvre as a unit, but examining different aspects as they come up.
This and the fact that the non-fiction has received little serious critical attention over the past four decades demands that a new collection of criticism consider Wright's entire oeuvre.
L e recent rapport d'evaluation des actions mise en oeuvre dans le cadre de la politique europeenne de bon voisinage (PEV) entre le Maroc et l'UE couvrant la periode allant du 1 er janvier au 31 decembre 2014 est qualifie de satisfaisant.
Mohamed Abdel Rahman a preside , au conseil des ministres , la reunion du mecanisme de mise en oeuvre de la loi de producteurs en presence du ministre de l'Agriculture et de l'Irrigation l'ingenieur Ibrahim Mahmoud et les syndicats d'agriculteurs et de pasteurs.
Droits de l'Homme : Le Maroc oeuvre pour une appropriation nationale du mecanisme d'EPU (M.
beaucoup moins que]Aucune oeuvre d'art, jusqu'a present, n'a reussi a attaquer le fond de l'evenement.
More than any other so-called outsider artist, Finster--a Southern Baptist evangelical preacher and jack-of-all-trades who received a divine calling to become an artist at the age of sixty--has forced the issue of quality by forging an oeuvre and style that were compromised by commercial success.
Dale Kent, Cosimo de'Medici and the Florentine Renaissance: The Patron's Oeuvre.
So, here is a site that is strangely anally retentive about its oeuvre.
Lors qu'il a preside mercredi au Conseil des Ministres de la reunion du comite superieur charge de superviser la mise en oeuvre du programme de reforme, il a appele les sous-comites pour mettre en oeuvre les directives du president dans une forme de matrice executif qui comprend tous les travaux necessaires .