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in bad odor

In a state in which one is the subject of another's displeasure or ire. I've been in bad odor with my next door neighbor ever since my dog destroyed her garden. Unless you like being in bad odor with your teachers, you should stop disrupting their classes!
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in good odor

In a pleasant or favorable relationship with someone. I've been in good odor with my next door neighbor ever since I brought her some of my homemade cookies. Your sister is in good odor with her teachers because she always completes her homework on time.
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be in bad odor with

To be the target of another's anger or unhappiness. I've been in bad odor with Tiffany ever since she found out that I started that rumor about her. You will be in bad odor with the boss if you keep coming into work late.
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be in bad odour with somebody

  (British & Australian old-fashioned) also be in bad odor with somebody (American old-fashioned)
if you are in bad odour with someone, they are angry with you because of something you have done (often + with ) He's in bad odour with his business partners for having pulled out of the deal at the last minute.
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