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occur to (one)

To be (suddenly) realized by one; to come into one's mind. It occurs to me that I never explained why we need these extra computers. Did it ever occur to you that maybe I was trying to do you a favor?
See also: occur

occur to someone

[for an idea or thought] to come into someone's mind. It occurred to me that you might be hungry after your long journey. Would it ever occur to you that I want to be left alone?
See also: occur

occur to one

Come to mind, as in It never occurred to me that he might refuse. [Early 1600s]
See also: occur, one

occur to

To come to someone's mind: When it occurred to me that I could leave the party whenever I wanted, I felt more at ease.
See also: occur
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In 1980, the Supreme Court of Alaska ruled that police must electronically record interrogations of suspects when feasible, especially when the interrogation occurs in a police facility.
Journals are typically kept as a continuous history for a few days covering the period of maximum likelihood for a data recovery action to occur.
Regarding prion diseases, chronic wasting disease occurs among deer in North America.
The second underlying reason is that in many cases there is no direct request for sexual activity--much of the initiation of sexual activity between two people occurs through indirect means.
At that point, no further removal of gas from the mold cavity can occur.
The first question to be answered then is whether transmission occurs readily during PHI and, perhaps, whether it occurs more readily than at other stages of infection as has been proposed by some models.
If clinical hepatotoxicity occurs, VIRAMUNE should be permanently discontinued and not restarted after recovery.
7701-3(h)(1)(i) provides that, "notwithstanding any other provision of this section," a foreign eligible entity that would be classified as a disregarded entity will be classified as an association (taxable as a corporation) if a 10 percent or greater interest in the entity is "sold, exchanged, transferred or otherwise disposed of' in one or more steps "that occur (or are treated as occurring)" during a certain period.
Attention deficit disorder occurs in an estimated 3 to 5% of school age children and is one of the most frequent reasons children are referred for evaluation (Stanford & Hynd, 1994).
They occur twice as often in boys as in girls, with the greatest incidence among 14-year-old boys and 11- to 12-year-old girls.
While the normative family experiences of a family without a son or daughter with mental retardation are experienced by most families and occur at predictable times, the non-normative experiences of a family with a son or daughter with mental retardation can vary from the typical both in terms of when the events occur and if they occur (Seltzer & Ryff, 1994).
One of the most common arrhythmias is sinus arrhythmia, the change in heart rate that can occur normally when we take a breath.
Self-injurious behavior was reported to occur at least once a week in 35 percent of the cases.
A few mentions of electronic sources do occur in the literature of issues management, but they refer to sources of numerical/statistical data (e.
In this case, the bank is providing a credit service as well as a payment service to its customer by assuming the risk that settlement may not occur as scheduled.