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occupy oneself (by something)

to keep busy by doing something. Don't worry. I can occupy myself by knitting or sewing. While waiting, I occupied myself by knitting a scarf.
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occupy someone with something

to keep someone busy with something. Can you occupy the child with this toy? Here, occupy yourself with this crossword puzzle.
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occupy with

1. To fill, hold, or control some place through some set of things or people: The army occupied the town with their third division. The town built new office buildings and occupied them with workers from the health department.
2. To fill some period of time by engaging in or with something: I occupied my spare time with books. You'll never be able to occupy your entire morning with writing.
3. To engage someone in some activity or some object of attention: The teacher occupied the students with their science projects for the morning. During the cold winter afternoons, we occupied ourselves with card games.
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Gone are the days of blank walls and rows of metal racking already in place to be filled with stock; occupiers are now able to offer shoppers full exposure to their brands.
Mr Pike added: "For commercial property owners and occupiers, improving the operational performance and efficiency of their buildings has long been a primary objective.
Wanic and Middleton will manage the goals, objectives, and financial performance of the Global Occupier Services group across their respective regions.
With economic prospects improving, occupiers are increasingly looking to capitalise through
Headline numbers for China remain generally firm despite a slight loss of momentum in the economy and growing concerns over the rapid increase in credit with the investment indicator more positive than the occupier measure.
Recent transactions at 200 Aldersgate (including Javelin Group) and the Expedia deal at the Angel Building are good examples of this trend, where natural West End occupiers are moving to locations that were previously considered the preserve of traditional City financial services occupiers.
Marcus Hayes has more than six years of experience in marketing key regional office schemes and national acquisitions on behalf of corporate occupiers.
The feedback we have been receiving has also proven that its location, with quick access to the city's major arterial routes and at the heart of Coventry's transport network, has been a major draw for occupiers.
the crowd to repeat after him, "no no to the occupier .
Shouting as occupier, Eraslan and his team claimed that the children were not Turkish Cyrus citizens.
The letter from Scottish Power was addressed to: The Occupier, Public Convenience, Talybont, North Wales.
Summary: Sahrawi liberated territories)- The repopulation strategy of the Sahrawi liberated territories will indirectly put the Moroccan occupier in a dilemma, of choosing "peace or a leap into uncertainty
For example, in a condominium building, the unit owner will be an occupier responsible for the unit that they own.
The home owner, who has asked not to be named, said that Cardiff Harbour Authority had sent out letters in the name of the occupier when the original surveys were carried out rather than to the present owner occupier.