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an auspicious occasion

A celebratory or momentous event, situation, or circumstance. (Note that the meaning of auspicious here is slightly altered from its standard definition of favorable or timely.) We would like to invite you to the auspicious occasion of the marriage of our son, Luke, to his bride-to-be, Sophia. It was an auspicious day in the city, as people poured onto the streets to celebrate the queen's ascent to the throne.
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equal to the occasion

Having the necessary ability, talent, qualities, or capability to handle or accomplish a given role or situation. The young soldier proved equal to the occasion and saved his platoon from an enemy ambush. We need a manager who can lead project initiatives and efficiently direct employees—do you think you're equal to the occasion?
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on occasion

Once in a while; occasionally. I don't really drink, but I do enjoy a nice glass of wine with a meal on occasion.
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rise to the occasion

To increase one's effort in response to a challenging situation. If you're going to lead this team, you've got to rise to the occasion and start motivating them. It was a tough act to follow, but the band rose to the occasion and played the best set of their career.
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have occasion to (do something)

To have a reason, requirement, or motivation for doing something. Now that I work closer to home, I don't have occasion to go to that side of town very often.
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leave something for another occasion

 and keep something for another occasion
to hold something back for later. (Occasion can be replaced with time, day, person, etc.) Please leave some cake for another day. Don't eat all the cheese. Leave some for another occasion. I have to leave some of my earnings for next month.
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on occasion

occasionally. I like to go to the movies on occasion. On occasion, Mary would walk her dog through the park.
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rise to the occasion

Fig. to meet the challenge of an event; to try extra hard to do a task. John was able to rise to the occasion and make the conference a success. It was a big challenge, but he rose to the occasion.
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on occasion

From time to time, now and then, as in Nell has been known to eat meat on occasion. This usage, first in the form of upon occasion, replaced by occasion about 1600.
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rise to the occasion

Show unexpected skill in dealing with a difficulty that arises, as in The leading man broke his leg in the first act but his understudy rose to the occasion and was rewarded with excellent reviews . [Mid-1800s]
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rise to the occasion

perform better than usual in response to a special situation or event.
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have occasion to do something

(formal) have a reason or need to do something: If you ever have occasion to visit Zurich, you will always be welcome to stay with us.
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on ocˈcasion(s)

sometimes; not very often: I don’t smoke cigarettes but I like to smoke a cigar on occasion.
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rise to the ocˈcasion/ˈchallenge

do something successfully in a difficult situation, emergency, etc: When the lead singer became ill, Cathy had to take her place. Everyone thought she rose to the occasion magnificently.This company must be prepared to rise to the challenge of a rapidly changing market.
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a sense of ocˈcasion

a feeling or an understanding that an event is important or special: Candles on the table gave the evening a sense of occasion.
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on occasion

From time to time; now and then.
See also: occasion, on

rise to the occasion

To find the ability to deal with an unexpected challenge.
See also: occasion, rise

take the occasion

To make use of the opportunity (to do something).
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References in classic literature ?
The pleasantest part of the occasion by far, to Clennam, was the painfullest.
These thoughts took me up many hours, days, nay, I may say weeks and months: and one particular effect of my cogitations on this occasion I cannot omit.
Since conducting its initial public offering in 1998, Cost-U-Less's Board of Directors has formally engaged three outside financial advisers, on four separate occasions, during the period from 2000 to 2004 and most recently in 2006.
In his cable, His Majesty expressed his sincere greetings along with his best wishes of good health, well-being and a long life to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, praying to Allah the Almighty for the return of this and similar occasions on him to achieve further aspirations of progress and prosperity for the Saudi brotherly people.
Analysis of the number of male personal care occasions between 2000 and 2010, broken down by country, category, occasion type and age group
Some 368000 US troops are present in Indian an d Pacific occasions .
Such access was provided upon the request of: the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine - on five occasions; the National Police of Ukraine - on three occasions; the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine - on two occasions; and the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine - on two occasions.
Sawiyaan' or sweet vermicelli is always a delight to have on all occasions, it is simply prepared and doesn't take much time as well, Sobia Alam said.
USPRwire, Mon Sep 11 2017] Fresh Flower Delivery in Delhi for All Occasions
The Taser gives police officers a useful way to defuse high-risk situations - sometimes involving extreme violence or the threat of such violence - without harm to themselves and others and the value has been shown on many occasions.
Such access was provided upon the request of: the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine on 1 occasion; the General Prosecutor's office - on 3 occasions; the Security Service of Ukraine on 3 occasions; nthe National Police of Ukraine on 6 occasions.
On both occasions we produced errors on errors, which effectively took us out of competing in the games.
We seize this blessed occasion to extend our greetings to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, praying to Allah the Almighty to protect His Majesty, grant him good health, happiness and a long life and for the return of this and similar occasions on His Majesty for many years to come, the Omani people and our dear country further progress and welfare under His Majesty's wise leadership and wellbeing for Muslims all over the world".
He added that ''the religious occasions during His Majesty's era have their own sublime meaning and reflect our uniqueness not only in terms of the Omani traditions and habits but also the integrated values and traditions your Majesty has added.
wrongful use of ecstasy "on divers occasions between on or about 1