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obliterate someone or something from something

to destroy or wipe out someone or something from something. Karen obliterated the writing from the wall. Max set out to obliterate Lefty "Fingers" Moran from the face of the earth.
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mod. drunk. Fred was obliterated and couldn’t walk to his car, let alone drive it.
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Obliteration of vestibular and cochlear aqueducts in animals.
reaction to Pearl Harbor: complete obliteration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the poisoning of the atmosphere for years thereafter.
Ms Harney defied predictions of a PD obliteration by winning five seats and looking likely to take two more.
In the catalogue, at least, Benjamin Buchloh's essay goes far in addressing the problems of history and its obliteration in the postwar period in a provocative analysis of Yves Klein and Arman.
Njeri becomes furious, taking these utopian platitudes as espousals of the total obliteration of distinct identities.
Millili stated, "Regardless of observer experience in burn evaluation, obliteration of the dermal/fat interface and widening of the dermal acoustic shadow provides reliable markers of deep thermal injury.
They will discuss global terrorism and Iran's recent call for the obliteration of the state of Israel, according to the Los Angeles-based center.
Fox hunting is about wildlife management, maintaining fox numbers at a level acceptable to farmers, and not about obliteration of the species.
Among the anatomic factors are the thickness of the RWM and the presence of false membranes, tissue plugs, and bony obliteration.
GREG RUSEDSKI, henceforth known as the Flushing Express, offered the rest of the US Open field something to ponder this weekend with the obliteration of David Prinosil yesterday.
They desire absolution, the obliteration of all responsibility.
net), now has a comprehensive online guide that can mean the difference between survival and obliteration in the 24/7 action on Planet Visitor, the transium-rich asteroid coveted by four warring corporations.
Fistulae that involve the lateral recess of the sphenoid sinus require a transcranial approach for direct visualization and obliteration of the bone defect, whereas fistulae that involve the central portion of the sphenoid sinus can be successfully obliterated via a trans-sphenoidal approach.
Saddam Hussein knows perfectly well that to use ``weapons of mass destruction'' would ensure the obliteration of his country in short order and there has never been any indication that his megalomania amounts to suicidal tendencies.