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obliterate someone or something from something

to destroy or wipe out someone or something from something. Karen obliterated the writing from the wall. Max set out to obliterate Lefty "Fingers" Moran from the face of the earth.
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mod. drunk. Fred was obliterated and couldn’t walk to his car, let alone drive it.
See also: obliterate
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For a teacher who is susceptible to that controlling impulse, the inadequacies or inconsistencies in student writing have the power to obliterate a safe, orderly, utterly controlled world.
Pakistan has number of bombs today, which could obliterate major Indian cities three times over.
It took those vandals only two short days to obliterate the Hill that had stood there from the time of the million buffalo.
When a taxpayer does not strike out or obliterate the jurat, but adds language to it, the nature of the additions must be examined.
Reconciliation does not deny or obliterate an experience of injustice or violation of human rights.
Traffickers usually obliterate serial numbers to disguise or sever any connection of firearms to their source.
Mary Elizabeth Perry draws back the veil of silence and seclusion to show how morisca women survived and resisted Christian efforts to obliterate their culture, and Alain Saint-Saens examines the gender-based suspicions confronted by women hermits who pursued a solitary path of piety outside convent walls.
Makers of Subversion MultiSite Set to Contribute Server-Side Java APIs and New Obliterate Feature
If you also want to stop the crushing of young lives by HGVs support the See Me Save Me campaign which was formed to obliterate blind spots on HGVs by the use of sensors and cameras.
Indeed, the hyperactive star, which is part of a two-star system called RS Ophiuchi, may be teetering on the brink of going supernova and could obliterate itself in just a few hundred thousand years, suggest Jennifer Sokoloski of the HarvardSmithsonian Center for Astrophysics and her colleagues.
In this respect, too, Watkin has strengthened the book by adding accounts on urbanism and context to each chapter, and his observations demonstrate why the tabula rasa is desired by those who ignore, corrupt, and obliterate the genius loci.
As long as we continue to let the Christian right hijack our Constitution and obliterate the separation between church and state, who is to say that four years from now ray own marriage, which is between Catholic and Jew, won't be deemed unlawful?
KATHARINE MERRY last night recorded a personal best in the 400 metres to obliterate a world-class field in Athens.
The Taliban, which interprets Islam to forbid idolatry of any kind, used anti-aircraft weapons, tanks and rocket launchers to obliterate the ancient statues.
Challenge your captors - Obliterate your alien abductors in action-packed boss encounters