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Much obliged.

Rur. Thankful and owing a debt of gratitude. A: Sit down, Elmer, and have a drink on me. B: Much obliged.
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oblige someone by something

to accommodate someone by doing something. Please oblige me by closing the window. Would you oblige me by accompanying me to the dance?
See also: oblige

oblige someone to do something

to require someone to do something. You are obliged to arrive on time and enter by the side door. The lateness of the hour obliged Tony to enter by the back door.
See also: oblige

oblige someone with something

to accommodate someone with something. He obliged her with a willing attitude. Please oblige me with a big piece of cake.
See also: oblige
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Maulana Gul Naseeb further told that any kind of lethargy during local government election would be unbearable adding that workers must oblige party manifesto and directives of the officials.
A la 16e minute du quart de finale retour, qui a vu les Madrilenes se qualifier pour les demies (2-0; 1-1), Casillas a ete oblige de laisser sa place a Antonio Adan.
The Bulgarian National Radio has reported that on Wednesday the Bulgarian Parliament adopted amendments, which oblige banks to notify their clients for changes in the interest rate on deposit as well.
A 10 percent increase might be enough to persuade Aviva to consider it, or to oblige Aviva to put it to its shareholders.
Tabled and passed within a day, it is believed the Bills will oblige fundraisers and leaders of the ruling BSP.
The rules will also oblige banks to reimburse depositors whose savings were withdrawn with stolen bankbooks, the sources said.
Rowell's photographs are not merely images of dazzling places, but records of dynamic moments, where nature seems to intentionally oblige the camera.
To insist on an alternative spelling like "Curdt" is to oblige those who would venerate you to also obscure you beneath an error.
Haksar says he will not oblige because he has not done anything wrong.
The new regulation to be stipulated through the decree of the Industry and Trade Minister will oblige all tire producers in the country to fulfill the national standard.
A simple explanation of why you cannot oblige is all that is required.
said Thursday it will oblige from July its top 100 executives to purchase Toshiba shares and setting an annual target of at least 1 million yen per person.
Another topic is a proposal that would oblige developing nations to take part in global efforts to reduce the gas emissions.
The government plans to amend the law governing the operations of nuclear fuel processing plants to oblige operators to let official inspectors periodically examine safety conditions at their facilities, government officials said Monday.