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bright shiny object

Something that is widely appealing or attention-grabbing for its superficial characteristics, but which is usually not useful, substantial, or long lasting. Recent technological advances seem to be just a series of bright shiny objects, consuming all of our attention for a while before something shinier comes along.
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sex object

One who is valued or regarded as a source of sexual pleasure. She was tired of being treated like a sex object, so she began dressing more conservatively and demanded more respect from the men within her social circle.
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Money is no object,

 and Expense is no object.
Fig. It does not matter how much something costs. Please show me your finest automobile. Money is no object. I want the finest earrings you have. Don't worry about how much they cost because expense is no object.
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object to someone or something

to disapprove of someone or something. I object to him as your choice. I object to your opinion.
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money is no object

how much something costs is not important If money was no object, what sort of a house would you live in?
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Money (is) no object.

something that you say which means it does not matter how much something costs because there is a lot of money available If money was no object, what sort of a house would you live in?
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a sex object

if someone thinks of a person as a sex object, they only think about having sex with them and do not think about their character or abilities How on earth can you feel anything for a man who just treats you as a sex object?
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money is no object

Also, expense is no object. It doesn't matter how much it costs, as in Get the very best fur coat you can find-money is no object. In this expression no object means "something not taken into account or presenting no obstacle." It was first recorded as salary will be no object in a 1782 newspaper advertisement for someone seeking a job. Both money and expense were so described by the mid-1800s.
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object to

To express disagreement with or disapproval of something: The city council objects to vulgar art displays in public buildings.
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Around 300 conscientious objectors who failed to convince the tribunals that they should be granted an exemption were transported to France, where they were told they would be shot.
The 16,000 objectors were shamed and ridiculed by neighbours with white feathers given as a symbol of their supposed cowardice.
The war presented Mennonites and other conscientious objectors with unique challenges in dealing with a democratic state in a time of a popular war.
The Department of the Army Conscientious Objector Review Board (DACORB) then conducted the final review.
1) Conscientious objectors have been a singular group for the state, in its various incarnations, to deal with.
The second case study outlines curricular innovations that protect and honor a PSU oral historian's deep respect for narrators who are conscientious objectors from the Second World War.
Mike Sayegh questioned the sincerity of Funk's objector declaration and argued that the case was really about "a kid who thought he could beat the system.
Being a conscientious objector is not about refusing to pay taxes," says Packard.
But objector Dave Blackburn said: "I am sickened that the voice of the working-class people of Berwick has been swept aside in favour of luxury offices for council workers and a wealthy local firm.
But the image of the conscientious objector has changed drastically in the Western world in the past 40 years, and especially so after the degree of opposition in the USA to the "draft" for the Vietnam War.
I was an objector to the first motorway, the M1, yet I admit now that it is unthinkable what the toll of human life would have been if that motorway had not been constructed.
One objector complained the owner had "refused to assist in the restoration" of a crumbling wall left exposed to the elements.
It followed questions on the discount scheme from environmental objector Prof Andrew Basden and Sandra Spruce, from Sutton Parish Council.
Ness Edwards, MP for Caerphilly, was another conscientious objector who refused to bear arms.
The sutras of Abu Ghraib; notes from a conscientious objector.