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not see any objection

(to something) Go to see no objection (to something).
See also: any, not, objection, see

raise (an) objection (to someone or something)

to mention an objection about someone or something. I hope your family won't raise an objection to my staying for dinner. I'm certain no one will raise an objection. We are delighted to have you.
See also: objection, raise

see no objection

(to something) and not see any objection (to something) not to think of any objection to something. I see no objection to your idea. Do you see any objection? I do not see any objection to anything you have done. see one's way (clear) (to do something) to find it possible to do something. I'd be happy if you could see your way clear to attend our meeting. I wanted to be there, but I couldn't see my way clear.
See also: no, objection, see

raise an objection

Protest, as in I'll raise no objections to your proposed bill if you promise to support me next time. The use of raise in the sense of "bring up" or "mention" dates from the mid-1600s.
See also: objection, raise
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When a prospect makes an objection, be glad: he's really asking you to sell him;
This is a tactical objection until we can get clarity.
The governors originally lodged an objection in January 2011, and on November 27 last year wrote again to underline that stance.
The second objection is from the Pakistan Freedom Party, which claims that the symbol of "eagle", sought by the APML, has already been allotted to it.
A COUNCIL is paying an accountancy firm up to pounds 25,000 to probe objections to its accounts - 19 of them from one man.
She gives conscientious objection in medicine (hereafter, "conscientious objection") the book-length treatment that it deserves.
1) This paper rakes up the President's suggestion by addressing conscientious objection in medicine.
Report Germany ANDREAS WOHLER went ashenfaced as an objection was announced to his Nice Danon (Eduardo Pedroza), who made all to win the Group 3 Preis des Ferienland Tirol at Baden-Baden yesterday, writes David Conolly-Smith.
103 (2) and rule 19 of the Rules of Practice Before Army Courts-Martial, (3) which govern the making of an objection in courts-martial.
The first objection raised by the federation was the exclusion of SC Justice Zahid Hussain in the bench.
Depending on the type of project being undertaken, the public can file a formal objection to a proposed decision, or can appeal a decision the agency has already made.
To effectively handle any objection, let Objection CPR--confirm, probe, resolve--be your first thought.
The objection is with regard to an alleged violation of competition rules in the CRT industry.
The European Commission reported on Friday that it sent a Statement of Objection to British Airways (LSE:BAY), American Airlines, a subsidiary of AMR Corp (NYSE:AMR) and Spanish carrier Iberia, concerning their proposed cooperation on passenger air transport services of transatlantic routes.
The last date for submission of any objection will be April 3, 2018.