He that cannot obey cannot command

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He that cannot obey cannot command.

Prov. If you want to become a leader, you should first learn how to follow someone else. Jones can't seem to do anything I ask him to. He'll never get anywhere; he that cannot obey cannot command.
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What persuadeth the living thing to obey, and command, and even be obedient in commanding?
But let us consider: Have we not admitted that the rulers may be mistaken about their own interest in what they command, and also that to obey them is justice?
All you have to do is to obey the man at your head and ask no questions.
Obey the man next to you who gives the order, or you'll stop all the battery, besides getting a thrashing.
said the chief, "for there we obey only our own wills.
And for that reason," said the native officer, twirling his mustache, "your Amir whom you do not obey must come here and take orders from our Viceroy.
In the latter case their government is weaker and more insecure, because it rests entirely on the goodwill of those citizens who are raised to the magistracy, and who, especially in troubled times, can destroy the government with great ease, either by intrigue or open defiance; and the prince has not the chance amid tumults to exercise absolute authority, because the citizens and subjects, accustomed to receive orders from magistrates, are not of a mind to obey him amid these confusions, and there will always be in doubtful times a scarcity of men whom he can trust.
How, knave,'' replied his master, ``wilt thou not obey my commands?
Why, then, if the belt obeys you, were we unable to discover the Tin Woodman?
We both schooled at Odoye Elementary School in Mushin, Lagos State; she was in primary four, when I was in primary six,' Obey said.
Meghan Markle doesn't need to promise to obey Prince Harry on their wedding day.
Convicted by the Municipal Trial Court for failure to obey summons under section 266 of the Tax Code was Franco Tan.
Since dogs are intelligent creatures, it would quickly learn that it didn't have to obey your command to sit until you had repeated it six times.
Thus obeying holy Prophet (PBUH) is tantamount to obey the Allah and the only way to get close to Allah', she said and added 'it should be the axis and center of every Muslim's life to follow the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and that is the only way of successful life and a guarantee for salvation.
Today, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (Article 33) states that obeying orders does not diminish responsibility for crimes unless the person was legally obligated to obey, or if the person didn't know the order was unlawful, or 'was not manifestly unlawful' but in any case, genocide and crimes against humanity must always be considered manifestly unlawful.