He that cannot obey cannot command

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He that cannot obey cannot command.

Prov. If you want to become a leader, you should first learn how to follow someone else. Jones can't seem to do anything I ask him to. He'll never get anywhere; he that cannot obey cannot command.
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They only can force me who obey a higher law than I.
I obey the first clause of the injunction by trying once more, but am not so successful with the second, for I am very stupid.
All you have to do is to obey the man at your head and ask no questions.
And if you desire to know who it is lays this command upon you, that you be more firmly bound to obey it, know that I am the valorous Don Quixote of La Mancha, the undoer of wrongs and injustices; and so, God be with you, and keep in mind what you have promised and sworn under those penalties that have been already declared to you.
But when cities or countries are accustomed to live under a prince, and his family is exterminated, they, being on the one hand accustomed to obey and on the other hand not having the old prince, cannot agree in making one from amongst themselves, and they do not know how to govern themselves.
I will do my best to obey you, madame," said the youthful king, "but I have no inclination to sleep.
The general's order was therefore heard by him, and he hastened to obey it.
So hereafter you must all serve him, and obey his slightest wish.
for he who is intemperate [1260a] and a coward will never do what he ought: it is evident then that both parties ought to be virtuous; but there is a difference between them, as there is between those who by nature command and who by nature obey, and this originates in the soul; for in this nature has planted the governing and submitting principle, the virtues of which we say are different, as are those of a rational and an irrational being.
They could no longer manage their balloon, which went whirling round and round in contending currents, and refused to obey the different dilations of the gas.
Take courage, rouse yourself; give me your hand - obey.
It is very kind of you to obey so quickly my summons.
She controlled herself and strove to obey, though ever and anon she cast appealing glances to Billikens, who stood remote and aloof, his brows wrinkled with displeasure.
You also tried to release the objective case from its thraldom to the preposition, and it is written that servants should obey their masters.
But come, my child, obey, and be not too angry unrelentingly with the dark-clouded Son of Cronos; but rather increase forthwith for men the fruit that gives them life.