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SNOGGING: Tina grabs the pool-side hunk; RELAXING: She enjoys being pampered by him; CUDDLING: Another hunk nuzzles up to the actress; GIGGLING: Tina has some fun without Ryan; BACK HOME: Ryan Pictures: SOLARPIX
DEVOTED: Tod nuzzles up to Molly; BEST MATES: Samantha, Tod and Molly, and, left, the film
However the spectacle on the main street side is more gently prosaic, as the self-important, space-age interloper nuzzles up to workaday terraced houses.
PLEASURES OF THE FLESH: But Sir Anthony Hopkins abandons the chianti and fava beans as he nuzzles up with Nicole Kidman
1 -- color) At Littlerock High School's 10th annual Farm Day, a 2 1/2-week-old Yorkshire cross pig nuzzles up to a friendly hand poking through the fence.
And the man behind the bulge, dancer Gavin Hatcher, is clearly smitten with his pop princess's four-month bump as he tenderly nuzzles up to her.
FLUFFY GIANT: BFG proves how cuddly he is with Sarah yesterday; GETTING MATEY: BFG nuzzles up with a smaller friend
Attached to this bulky and relatively impermeable volume are two smaller entities: the main reading room, a single-storey glazed box which seems to flow out from one corner, and the distinctive star shaped pavilion of the children's library which gently nuzzles up to the building's main entrance.
2 -- color) Rio, who has been diagnosed with cancer, nuzzles up to Dr.