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nuzzle up (to someone or something)

1. Of an animal, to rub its nose against someone or something in an affectionate manner. I've never really liked being around dogs. Even when they're just nuzzling up to me, it makes me nervous.
2. To snuggle or cuddle (up to someone or something). When my daughter was a young girl, the only way she'd fall asleep was nuzzled up to her favorite teddy bear. Everyone makes a big deal about going out on Friday nights, but my girlfriend and I are usually happy just to nuzzle up on the couch with a good movie.
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nuzzle up against someone or something

 and nuzzle up (to someone or something)
[for an animal] to rub its nose against someone or something; to rub against someone or something, softly, in the manner of rubbing the nose against someone or something; to snuggle up to someone or something. (Nuzzle is related to nose.) The dog nuzzled up against my leg, wanting to be friends. The dog nuzzled up to me and licked my hand.
See also: nuzzle, up
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Cyganiewicz presented selectmen with photographs of Nuzzle after the attack, which required initial treatment at the Wickaboag Veterinary Clinic and follow-up care at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in Grafton.
Rabbit nuzzles noses, Raccoon shares lily roots, and Possum plays games.
WELL, you know what they say, it's not properly your birthday until a plump, ageing lady strips, covers herself in cream and forces you to nuzzle her.
And there is a list of rules which include you have got to ask permission to kiss or nuzzle anyone.
Sometimes they put their head in the kid's lap or nuzzle or let the kid rub their belly while they read to the dog,'' Kelly said.
They took turns to nuzzle her for over three hours until she was found and a vet was called.
newscast - the one in which a cutesy couple, Rick Garcia and Lauren Sanchez, standing within sniffing distance of each other's armpits, practically nuzzle while stumbling over the night's TelePrompTer reading.
LITTLE KIPPER Cub and mum doze THERE BEAR Junior gets a loving nuzzle PAW ME No rest from a lively offspring
2) A couple watches a pair of mustangs nuzzle each other at a BLM silent auction of wild horses and burros.
UH-OH: Snarling mastiff puts the unsuspecting gazelle on the horns of a dilemma; OH, GO ON THEN: A nuzzle ends row
Sarah is a blond who can wiggle her hips, nuzzle a neck, give a kissy-face smooch and have the object of her affections happy to be alive.
Now the pair are inseparable and often nuzzle up to one another when they fall asleep.
2 -- color -- ran in AV edition only) Pet lover Vickie Bain hugs her dog Josie as four kittens nuzzle up to the 9-year-old long-hair dachshund that adopted them.
bounds onto the big screen to nuzzle his big wet nose into Edward Fox.