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square meal

A wholesome, nutritious meal. The hot lunch program at school provides square meals for underprivileged children.
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square (meal)

a good and nutritious meal. (Always with quantifier when square is used without meal.) I need three squares a day—at least. The old beggar looks like he could use a square meal.




1. mod. old-fashioned; law-abiding; stodgy. Man, you are really square.
2. n. a person who behaves properly. You are a square if I ever saw one.
3. and square joint n. a tobacco cigarette, compared to a marijuana cigarette. I’ll take a reefer. I’ve heard that square joints will give you cancer.
4. tv. to settle or to make something right. Will twenty bucks square the matter?
5. Go to square (meal).
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With such a strong consumer-base and the distribution partnership of St Paul-based Kemps, one of the leaders in the dairy industry, we couldn't be happier to launch fairlife purely nutritious milk here.
He said: "The obesity epidemic in this country has the potential to get even worse if people are unable to find nutritious choices they can afford and that also fit with their lifestyle.
The Nutritious Skincare Collection is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested, it is non-acnegenic, she added.
The district, which was committed to keeping meal prices steady, sent out a request for food service proposals and selected ARAMARK, due to its appealing and nutritious menu offerings and the efficiency and quality of its overall program.
In schools we visited, barriers to providing nutritious meals and encouraging healthy eating included budget pressures and competing time demands.
Amwell commons is perfect for both the needs of my company and my clients," says Hem Ngyen-Le, owner of Nutritious Living, LLC.
The first two variants in the Simply Nutritious range -- which is produced by US company Smucker Incorporated -- are Mega Green and Mega Antioxidant.
All carbohydrates can be measured in this way and the corresponding glycemic value has nothing to do with how nutritious a particular food is.
Both foods attracted insects at first, but as in previous research, grasshoppers, unlike supposedly smarter people, came to prefer nutritious food.
Nutritious diets are still possible, however, in spite of these obstacles.
There was a most enlightening exchange involving the McDonald's claim, cited in its widely available "Nutrition Guide," that "every time you eat at McDonald's you'll eat good nutritious food.
Many of America's favorite vegetables--like iceberg lettuce and celery--are among the least nutritious.
Dannon Oikos Greek nonfat yogurt has teamed up with nationally recognized registered dietician Keri Glassman; founder and president of Nutritious Life and author of the new book Slim Calm Sexy Diet,to help consumers shake up their diet routine in an effort to feel their best in time for summer.
The Morgan Stanley Foundation today announced more than $1 million in grants to local food banks and their hunger-relief programs that deliver nutritious meals to children and families.