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Extremely dull and boring. If we have to sit through another mind-numbing lecture today, I'm going to need another cup of coffee!

numbed out

mod. nearly paralyzed by phencyclidine (PCP). (Drugs.) The teenager was nearly numbed out when they brought her in.
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Lidocaine is a used by vets to slow the heart and numb the skin.
But there is a risk, players can get stood on with big toe injuries and, while the injection numbs the pain for two hours, it can get a bit more sore afterwards.
The 79-year-old Helms has several health problems, notably a nerve condition that numbs his extremities and forces him to use a motorized scooter around the Capitol.
Because it numbs pain and produces warmth, the compound may prove useful as an ingredient in an arthritis rub.
Reis, "(FluoriMethane) is a spray that numbs the skin in about 15 seconds, is easy to apply, and works basically on the same principle as an ice cube used to lessen the pain of ear piercing.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved DentiPatch, which numbs gums without an injection.
But such amplification does not heal our ability to feel; in fact, it further numbs our capacity to feel.
As they bite the skin they inject an anesthetic-like liquid that numbs the skin, leaving their victims undisturbed.