number with

number someone with something

to include someone in a list of people. I number Clara Wilson with the all-time greats. Todd numbered himself with the top athletes at the school.
See also: number
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Any integer p that fails this test isn't a prime; it's a composite number with factors other than 1 and itself.
Many people associate the number with overall good luck, Merho added.
discovered the first prime number with at least 1 million decimal digits.
This service provides for allocation of a single multi-channel telephone number with subsequent calls being forwarded to a pre-set sequence of the customer's numbers.
At that point, the consumer's software program may automatically dial an alternate number that results in a toll charge or the consumer dials an alternate number with the same result.
Services offered include single number with search route, weekly schedule, call screening, call director, voice mail with instant-call-back and Rebound(sm), integrated fax selection and paging, and automatic busy/no answer transfer.