number off

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number off (by something)

to say a number in a specified sequence when it is one's turn. Please number off by tens. Come on, number off!
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Leave your home address and phone number off your checks.
THIS coming Sunday sees Sittingbourne stage its last Sunday meeting of the year, and the track is putting on a gala card, with a number off pounds 400 one-offs supporting its three finals (heats were on Sunday).
Another approach is to have students in each row number off (1-2-3), and then to ask for each group of three to discuss an issue or question posed by the instructor with a number of alternative options or answers, such as those described earlier.
IN AN AGE WHEN SPY SATELLITES CAN read the number off your car's license plate, one would think that scientists had long ago mapped every nook and cranny of the Earth's surface.
I asked her how she knew his number off by heart and she mumbled some excuse which I didn't believe for a minute.
These businesses tried to dupe potential customers by using the license number of an unrelated, legitimately licensed company on their Web sites, trying to pass the license number off as their own.
I should have known from the telephone code on the new system but did not believe they would actually take their Huddersfield number off and put in an 0843 at the variable national rates they can charge.
So take this number off your list And do it spit spot.
In Sefton, the average number off on any day was 104, with a total loss of 20,420 working days across the year, while in Wirral, the daily average was 90, amounting to 17,560 over the year.
The wannabe 'It' girl bumped into the singer at an all-night party in London two months ago and he later got her number off mutual friend Max Beesley.
If you need a sex toy, all you have to do is visit De Soto Avenue and Nordhoff Street to get a number off a billboard.
If a goal is scored during that minute in any of today's 39 Premiership or Football League matches, you cross the number off.
WizCom's products allow such diverse applications as tracking inventory on an Alaskan Airbase, identification of penguins in Antarctica, reading the serial number off of a computer chip, and translating a restaurant menu in a foreign language.
The first goal for Sirocco came after twenty five minutes when Sirocco's keeper Darren Nesbit scored direct from a kick out which caught his opposite number off his line.
Each week, in the neatest - and meanest - element of the reality series ``Survivor,'' contestants gather to vote one of their number off the island.