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If you're an average business user performing mostly word processing and number crunching, then you have plenty of options.
Simon Davey, 32, a salesman for IBM Internet, and his wife Jacqui, 30, who also works for the computer giant, are no slouches when it comes to number crunching.
We replace a lot of the supercomputers' number crunching tasks with applied mathematical tools and intuitive solutions, which results in great savings in the computing time," said Diyankov, 40.
Using the same CIC platform, Interaction Optimizer not only gives us true real-time adherence and detailed historical ACD data, it also offers access to a complete set of optimization tools like recording, quality monitoring and multimedia features, which give us single reports across calls, faxes, e-mails and Web chats all with a few clicks of the mouse instead of days of manual number crunching.
To give some idea of the number crunching required for this kind of work, designing the UltraSPARC III processor required more than 400 Billion simulated cycles.
MTA spokesman Gary Wosk said the groups made progress on several issues, and there was ``a lot of number crunching going on, on both sides.
Its products are in demand by companies and research institutes that require number crunching capability or high-availability storage.
It was a stable occupation, but Chad felt there was more to the business than just number crunching.
Then we'll just do the number crunching before we present the case to the DA.
18 Micron technology, the i820 chipset delivers extreme number crunching performance, which allows complex applications to run smoothly and quickly.
Given that the day-to-day tools of the trade for the accounting professional are Excel for number crunching and analysis and Outlook for communication, it seemed a natural fit to use that built-in user knowledge for WINGS.
Mike McKee, associate director of Tenants and Neighbors, argued that the number crunching currently employed by the RGB to determine the rents should be scrapped.