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No nukes!

(ˈno ˈnuks and ˈno ˈnjuks)
exclam. a cry against nuclear energy, weapons, submarines, etc. No nukes! Make my electricity the old-fashioned way.


1. n. a nuclear weapon. Are there nukes aboard that ship?
2. tv. to destroy someone or something. (As with a nuclear weapon.) Your cat ran through my garden and totally nuked my flowers!
3. tv. to microwave something. I have to nuke my dinner and then I will be right over.

Nuke it!

tv. Throw it away! You don’t need this thing. Nuke it!
See also: nuke

nuke oneself

tv. to tan oneself at a tanning salon. I nuke myself once a week in the spring so I will be ready for the summer bikini season.
See also: nuke
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They know that notwithstanding Ahmadinejad's bluff and bluster and his increasingly juvenile rhetoric, Tehran is years away from building nukes.
The officials also informed that in 2000, the Clinton administration had deployed a group of scientists to help Pakistan scientists to develop an unbreakable command and control code for its nuke arsenal.
Britain's condemnation of Kim Jong-il's drive to join the nuke club rings hollow.
Only now he'd be operating under his own nuclear umbrella, believing--not without some justification--that his nukes would deter us.
This danger reaches far beyond the lush Oregon forests surrounding Trojan; the same alloy is used in nukes all over the globe, including two-thirds of U.
Secretary Defence informed the committee that the country's nukes are in safe hands and ruled out chances of going out in hands of terrorists.
Secretary Defense informed the committee that the countrys nukes are in safe hands and ruled out chances of going out in hands of terrorists.
The Liberal Democrats are opposing nukes, with the Tories lukewarm.
HAART usually combines 2 nukes with either a non-nuke or a protease inhibitor.
But Stalin and Mao were also regarded as determined expansionists, and we managed to deter them from using their nukes.
This fall's Blockbuster movie "The Peacemaker" pits actors Nicole Kidman and George Clooney against a Bosnian terrorist headed for New York City with a grudge against the West and a backpack full of nukes.
Meanwhile, "Stop the Frigates" has become a rallying cry for those who would keep the nukes at bay.
He also expressed his satisfaction over the measures taken for the safety and protection of the countrys nukes and said that Pakistan is a responsible and peaceful nuclear power and its nukes are completely safe under a comprehensive command and control.