nudge aside

nudge someone or something aside

to push or bump someone or something out of the way. We nudged the old man aside and went on ahead. She nudged aside the cat to make room on the sofa.
See also: aside, nudge
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Even with a horse like Camelot, it is noteworthy by how much the Coolmore team is prepared to nudge aside the spreadsheets for a little bit of sentimentality.
Their goal is the same, nudge aside the colleagues who have been on the rugby circuit for many years and make a name for themselves - certainly that is Ford's intention.
Look inside the 3 negative factors that nudge aside the positive indicators in the aggregate Barometer -- they're relatively benign.
Hale and Lepisto are rare cases, both rising from obscurity through hard work to nudge aside high-profile teammates and earn playing time, then showing they deserved a scholarship by taking advantage when they were on the field.
Dominating the nominations is the phenomenally successful Titanic, and while there may be icebergs lurking in other categories, it's reasonable to assume that any likely board-sweeping will nudge aside the animated Disney's annual Award to include Original Song (My Heart Will Go On, warbled by Celine Dion) and James Horner's chart-topping Original Dramatic Score.