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to the nth degree

to the maximum amount. Jane is a perfectionist and tries to be careful to the nth degree. This scientific instrument is accurate to the nth degree.
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to the nth degree

To the utmost, as in They'd decked out the house to the nth degree. This expression comes from mathematics, where to the nth means "to any required power" ( n standing for any number). It was first recorded in 1852.
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to the nth degree

If you do something or have a particular quality to the nth degree, you do it or have it to an extreme degree. He carried discretion to the nth degree, speaking only once about his job. You're a risk-taker to the nth degree.
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to the nth degree

to any extent; to the utmost.
In mathematics, nth denotes an unspecified member of a series of numbers or enumerated items.
1994 i-D Along the way they argue, get harassed by ignorant locals, sing along to their favourite tunes and camp it up to the nth degree.
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for the nth ˈtime

(informal) used when you are stating that something is the last in a long series and emphasizing how often something has happened, especially when you are annoyed: I told him, for the nth time, to tidy his room but he’s done nothing to it at all.
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to the nth deˈgree

(informal) to the greatest possible amount, level, etc.; very much: This book is boring to the nth degree.
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