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I have argued that there are differing media temporalities at play in celebrity culture today, typically connected with different media: on one hand, a temporality of nowness, plenty, and continuity on social media and YouTube (the value of permanent uploads and direct communication), and on the other hand, a temporality characterized by scarcity, sporadic media appearances, and distance in space.
The term I would like to use is nowness rather than newness.
Such a development requires a variable nowness, an expanding and contracting nowness, that articulates a species-specific, here and now.
Danse de rien") provides, as for all major poets in the Baudelaire-Rimbaud tradition--from Apollinaire and Frenaud to Jaccottet and Bonnefoy, Etienne and Le Dantec--the moving ground of a poetic reflection anchored in the "miracle" / "peu de chose" of each moment: the endless (ex)changes it conveys, its concreteness, its reciprocal experience of corporality, and yet its atemporalness, its mental-emotional depth, as well as the sense of unknownness it promotes within us, a recognition as buoying as it can be frustrating of the insufficiency of our categories of analysis and articulation of realness and nowness.
In 2011 alone, CREATETHE GROUP has been featured in Fast Company's "50 Most Innovative Companies" issue, ranking #5 in the Fashion Industry, and won Webby and CLIO Awards for NOWNESS.
Through our attachments to what we imagined as the fabric of hysteria's present, or nowness, we were developing a particular fixation on what we wanted hysteria to be, how we wanted it to manifest, and the temporal schema we wished it to inhabit.
Altogether this wake for civilization was a profoundly comforting reminder of the eventual obliteration of everything and the incumbent urgency to address the nowness of life: "The one who fears death is already dead.
The globe would become joined through the blood system of electric wires that would shrink the planet into a single community with an all-inclusive nowness.
The endless places and phenomena of our slippery presence--lilies, mist, cow dung, a dog barking, drizzle, a dream, smells, wind over fields, "going down to see the state of the Thouet floods"--thus submit to a contemplative action implicitly already summoned by the traversal of nowness.
It had to be cleared away, extinguished, before the real nowness began.
At Marks, Semmel and Shaver are thrust into the present by Gober's grouping and the insistent nowness of the clean and monumental flagship Chelsea venue.
Without a tradition of syndication, the discourse of television funding is all about nowness and the next big thing, not, as Tinic has established, about longevity or continuity.