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DC Hughes added: "Green spotted his victim and pursued her, knowing she had nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.
Reed's The Nowhere Girls shows readers the power each woman possesses--and she lets her characters serve as examples of how young people can take care of each other while simultaneously demanding and effecting real change in their communities.
Many apparently need a more compelling "why" before embarking en masse to nowhere.
Walk with me, if you will, along one of these tracks meandering to nowhere through this grand morning.
News from Nowhere opened its doors in 1974 on Manchester Street and moved around the city three times before occupying its current site on Bold Street.
Critique: A literary cornucopia of superbly crafted short stories, "Road to Nowhere and Other New Stories from the Southwest" is a fascinating and entertaining anthology that will leave readers eagerly tracking down more from the represented writers.
In Letters from Nowhere 2[TM] Audrey continues the investigation of her husband Patrick's mysterious disappearance.
George Osborne is taking this country on a long hard road to nowhere and we've got to change course.
27% of the entire issued share capital of Japan's Nowhere Co.
IN the same week in which Transport Secretary Philip Hammond begged the North East to back his high speed rail plans (The Journal, December 29), in order to overcome opposition from Tory nimbys in the south of England, his department has approved a grant of pounds 24m pounds to Surrey County Council to build a river bridge which, in strategic terms, goes from nowhere to nowhere.
However he forgets to comment on the main point of my letter - the Skelton/ Brotton bypass starts in the middle of nowhere and finishes in the middle of nowhere.
NOWHERE Boy star Aaron Johnson has picked up a top award.
Everywhere a Guest, Nowhere at Home" tells the story of how modern Israel, centuries after being people exiled from place to place may be forcing Palestinians into predicaments that are not dissimilar to their own.
1 : not in or at any place <The book is nowhere to be found.
PLANS for another of the Scarvagh House stallions, who are being disbanded after the stud's owner Alfred Buller decided to cease operations as a public stud, have become clear with th eannouncement that Coolmore will stand Exit To Nowhere at Grange Stud in 2009, writes Martin Stevens.