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Last winter she railed against the notion of liberal bias in the media, arguing in The Boston Globe that leaders of the tiny (600-member) Independent Women's Forum (IWF), a conservative women's group, appear on talk shows and the op-ed pages of major newspapers regularly, while NOW and FMF leaders don't.
Staffing Now is the third platform acquisition made by Gryphon since the launch of its proactive investment initiative with Ray Marcy in the professional and healthcare staffing sectors.
The Clinton administration had recently authorized the transfer of $543,636 to the cash-starved California NOW, ostensibly for tobacco control.
Send Word Now also recently released its WeatherBlast(TM) service, which sends highly localized weather alerts through the combination of Send Word Now's rapid notification capabilities with live, weather information from the WeatherBug(R) Network.
In order to facilitate the expansion and growth, and as Cash Now looks beyond Asia towards Europe for further growth, the company also announced today that it has in principle secured a $10,000,000.
Xcelsius' Visual Modeling(TM) capabilities enable Future Now to identify critical data relationships, analyze 'what-if' scenarios and estimate their customers' future Web site conversion rates.
Cash Now has been an industry leader in developing and licensing a full suite of sub-prime financial services.
The seat is now held by Councilman Mike Feuer, who is running for city attorney.
Miro Zecevic, President of Cash Now Corporation (Pink Sheets:CHNW), a pioneer and continuing leader in the payday loan and check-cashing industry, was interviewed Thursday June 9 2005 by a Wall Street Reporter Senior Analyst - further evidence of Cash Now's growing presence among investors and on The Street.
Richard Sciacchetano, Cash Now's advisor and project manager of the Forex product advised that "Cash Now is currently on track to complete the test site of the FOREX Introductory Broker site by the end of February 2007.
Dwelling on ideological differences now could derail a tax cut at a time when the economy can't afford to wait.
com is entering into an exclusive agreement with Cash Now PTY LTD (Pink Sheets:CHNW) for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands (Oceania).
The company confirms that Kevin Price, Cash Now's previous CEO, has started the process of obtaining and filing the necessary documentation to obtain clearances and approvals from the FOREX regulatory agencies to enable Cash Now towards becoming a full service FOREX trader.
Cash Now Corporation, (Pink Sheets:CHNW), Cash Now Corporation, a business aggregator and a pioneer in the sub prime payday loan lending and continuing leader in the payday loan and check-cashing industry, (www.