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notify someone about someone or something

to inform someone about someone or something. Please notify the insurance company about the accident. I have to notify the doctor about Ed, who is ill.
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notify someone of something

to inform someone about something. Can you notify my parents of my arrival at the airport? We were notified of it last night.
See also: notify, of
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The state superintendent, after auditing the notification, then notifies the state treasurer to execute a School Bond Loan Fund transfer to the district solely for debt payment purposes.
Automatically tracks and notifies traveler and/or travel manager of unused coupon availability via email
The General Defense Systems (GDS) Mail Carrier Security System focuses on preventing hazardous materials from entering the postal facility and notifies postal workers in the field of potential exposure.
For instance, when robberies occur, the system notifies Neighborhood Watch groups, businesses, pharmacies, convenience stores and pawnshops, providing event-related details, and prompting witnesses to call in with information to aid police.
If abnormal conditions are detected, the monitoring agent notifies the Network Operations Center (NOC) and the NOC immediately notifies the "Alert Contact" designated by the Authorized Service Partner according to defined alerting rules.
As the routing center notifies the central station, the SKYALERT(TM) service will also simultaneously notify the end user of the detail of the particular alarm by calling him directly with automated voice messaging.
When a system or application failure occurs, Operations Manager proactively notifies TelAlert, which then notifies the appropriate technical support specialist through the alert mechanism of choice, such as email, two-way pager, or touch-tone phone.
The new service, called SkyTel Message Center, notifies customers when they receive a voice mail, email or fax at their office or home, and then provides several options in responding to each.